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We are a progression raiding guild on an excellent server, recruiting to keep our raids strong. Our immediate needs are below. We've been progression raiding for over 3 years and currently host 2 successful 10 mans. We are always looking for more 10 man raids to host and intend to move back to 25 man raiding towards the end of this tier. We have a broad base of friends, family, and retired raiders who provide a warm home for our members, whether hard-charging raider or casual weekend farmer.

Progression 10m W/Th 7-11 (Roll for GM)
- Strong need for a geared/experienced Mage or Hunter (any excellent RDPS should apply)

Progression 10m T/W/Th 7-10 (Silent Defectors)
Strong need for a geared/experienced Paladin/Warrior tank
- Strong need for a geared/experienced Healer
- Potentially interested in a geared/experienced RDPS

Our application form can be found here