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Thread: Legendary - Ghostcrawler in the Machine

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    Legendary - Ghostcrawler in the Machine

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    Re: Legendary - Ghostcrawler in the Machine

    Hrm... [blip] tags aren't working on Tapatalk.

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    dissappointed with the title tbh...
    really wanted "this is not an official announcement" or "zul'jins a bro"

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    Rep: Tabards could work to only give X rep per Dungeon completion for the first 7 per week, which would give non-daily players a sort of partial catch-up method, while at the same time giving you a tabard-style grinding. (which seems to be a good thing for someone like me, who is a completionist, but doesn't want to farm the same faction to exalted 6 times) It would also boost LFG for the alts that actually need gear, because the crafting alts might actually want to be joining LFG after their dailies (because they ain't got enough rep yet)

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    in Wrath, they put out a nerf for Healing, with the healing fatigue passive, now they plan on nerfing dps, if that makes us unkillable they're gonna nerf healing once more. which leads me to believe that it is no solution, only a delay to the problem.

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