Hello amigos, first time poster here, but long time viewer. We have a strong 10man team on EU, but we lack on the leading front. So i think we could easility push 1k ranking, but stack at 2k cause of leading issues. We lack the person to have proper insight on leading, know how to debug failing raid and especially someone with access to those inside strats that can triviliaze a part of the fight. We are currently 3/6 HC MSV and 1/6 HC (Blade Lord) on HoF and 20%ish wipes on Spirit Kings and Elegon. Players vary from decent to quite good, but we need someone to help with the fine tuning. I know that the high end guilds (used to be in one) have, besides great quality motivated players, ways of thinking/finding strategies that can really make (instead of break) the fight.Anyone that has proper experience could pop me a private message, or could anyone guide me to any donor/sub related forums/sites that give access to that kind of info?Thanks a lot, keep up the awesome work!