Cymbrogi is a 10 man oceanic raiding guild that's focused on progression, but not hardcore. Recently formed we're currently working through normals, looking to get into heroics within the month and intend to be up there with the best going into 2013.

We're a semi mature guild (....but not that mature) with no patience for guild drama, and no problems removing people not up to par. If that sounds like you read on ^^

What we ask

Sound knowledge off all relevant content, 6/6 MSV experience minimum preferred
Sound knowledge of class/specs (including the basics - gems/enchants/stat priority etc)
Mumble, ability to follow instructions and take constructive criticism
....and everything else that comes with heroic mode raiding

Raid Schedule:

Wednesday: 7-10pm AEST
Thursday: 7-10pm AEST
Sunday: 5-8pm AEST


We currently have one core spot open for a dps - ideally a lock or boomkin, but will consider anyone who can prove they deserve the spot
We also have a backup position available for anyone not looking to raid fulltime - ideally any applicant for this would be dps w a healing OS

Applications in the first instance can be made at (free wowstead acct setup required first). Questions etc can be directed to Whoods, Khersus or Nixea in game.