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Thread: Legendary - More & More Dailies

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    Legendary - More & More Dailies

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    I found the Rift advertisement really inappropriate for a talk show about WoW. I would have been less offended if they were straight up about it being a Rift advertisement rather than the host saying how addictive the game is. "This show is brought to you by the makers of Rift...etc."

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    Really bad idea for them to say 'we want PVP to be both skill and gear'. Its really honest but just as in politics its much better to say nothing at all than to say something that some people don't want to hear. The reality is that when you have some issue on which people are roughly evenly split you lose more from telling one group something they don't want to hear than you gain by telling another group something they do want to hear.

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    The Brawlers Guild is yet another of Blizzard's "good idea, really poor implementation" features.

    The fact that they want to make us stand around for 20 minutes between each attempt "watching" other players makes me think that they have no idea what their player base wants. Like it was said on the show, it gets old really fast. The first day it's cool to watch, the 2nd day it's annoying to wait for, and by the 3rd day you're trying to log on at 2am just so that you don't have to waste your entire day gaining one level in Brawlers guild.

    After finally reaching rank 8, I was really disappointed in what they gave us. There's not gear normalization, so being around ilevel 490 I was able to ignore mechanics and just nuke the "very hard" bosses. It does not promote good realm synergy with the CRZ, and instead of cheering your fellow members on, you're praying that they suck and die quickly so that you dont have to wait around for 30 minutes for your next turn (and of course if you leave the arena you lose your spot in queue, so you're standing around all day bored as hell).

    And in the end, what do you receive as a reward for all your "effort"? A BoA fist weapon that goes up to lvl 80. I was just glad I got in early so I could make some money selling my invite, and now never have to do Brawlers Guild again.

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    Despite what Olivia says, CRZ ended up being a Godsend for brawlers guild - the 83k enrage timer on Battletron required me to be fully raid buffed - I only achieved this by inviting a bunch of people from other realms, progressing with them, sharing tips and then killing Battletron 1 pull before the paladin in my group after encouraging each other for a while.

    I'm pretty asocial, and that's the most player interaction I've had with none-guildies since TBC I think.

    As much as I dislike CRZ for making my minfernal impossible to get, it works for brawlers guild - at least for now, I completely agree that it should fade away eventually, but it's currently essential for the end ranks and a heap of fun watching other people in there.

    Also, the story for the daily hub really picks up at honored, just hit that point today and everythings hit the fan.
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    I remember when Blizzard Bought me dinner in a movie before they...what? !! lol I think everyone was a bit uncomfortable for just a moment but it was pretty dang funny!

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    Blizzard are full of crap regarding the LFR.

    I spent 2 hours and 10 attempts and only got 2/3 in teh run, so their program is rubbish and then ui gave up

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    The problem of 2/3 is caused by people - SO MANY PEOPLE - dropping from the raid before its complete. It's a community problem, not a Blizzard problem. We could resolve the problem easily, without any help from by Blizzard, by completing LFR with the 25 people who started it. Then there would be no raid groups who need extra people to backfill after some bosses have been downed.

    I suspect that the people who hate joining an in-progress LFR at 2/3 are the same people who:
    - drop out as soon as they down the only boss they want
    - vote to kick people for any minor perceived infringement
    - generally make the LFR experience so miserable for other people that those people drop out in despair.

    i.e. the same people who are causing the problem in the first place.

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    Just a thought

    Why don't you guys take the audio from Legendary and make it a podcast. I enjoy listening to you guys while I'm on the road on the less than ideal iPhone video player. Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this would be a good idea.

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    LFR - Love getting 2/3 (although we can't see it anymore) - one boss, 90 VP and bye; then a priority for 0/3.

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    Did they release the cinder kitty right after this was made? I love my cinder kitty :3

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