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Thread: Thrall [H] 25M <Sweet Victory> MSV1/6H, HoF 4/6, ToES 3/4 LFM Skilled Raiders

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    Thrall [H] 25M <Sweet Victory> MSV1/6H, HoF 6/6, ToES 3/4 LFM Skilled Raiders

    <Sweet Victory>
    is a semi-hardcore raiding guild dedicated to progression. We have a family type of atmosphere and while raiding we want to maintain a positive yet serious raid environment in our guild.

    We have been a raiding guild on thrall since 2007. We are high achievers, but always kept to our-self. Holding a handful of sever first such as Call of the Grand Crusade (10) - Sep 6, 2009, Rotface (10) - Jan 11, 2010 and always cleared all the content.

    Raid Times:
    G1 - 25 Man Raid
    Wednesday 9:30pm-12:00am
    Friday 9:30pm-12:00am
    Saturday 9:30pm-12:00am

    We are currently looking to Strengthen our 25man Roster

    We always welcome Exceptional Player
    mage (Any)
    monk (DPS)
    monk (healer)
    priest (healer)
    shaman (elemental)
    warlock (Any)

    deathknight (DD)
    hunter (Any)
    paladin (retribution)
    rogue (Any)


    What we're looking for in a potential member:
    -You should be level 90 and geared for raiding. At this time this means a 475ish item level and preferably 6/16N or more.
    -A stable computer/internet connection and vent with a working mic.
    -A deep knowledge of your class and your role in a raid environment.
    -The ability to back up your class knowledge with performance, numbers and survival.
    -Preparation including: consumables such as (Flask, Pots and Food Buffs) what ever needed for the raid.
    -High overall attendance. We do not recruit part-time players nor will we carry anyone. If you don't cut it u will be replaced.
    -Maturity and the ability to handle yourself when called on during raids for corrections.
    -Intangibles including personality, sense of humor, the ability to get along with others.
    -Most importantly, the desire to do what it takes to be a successful end-game raider.

    Thrall server. (US-PVE EST)
    For more info please visit our website:

    You can also contact:Mysticknight#1390 or newman#1572
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