The Light of Eärendil is recruiting! We're a well-established 10 man raiding guild with a focus on progression throughout Mists of Pandaria, and are looking for skilled players to enhance our current raid team as well as more social members to join the Light!

Players applying for a position in the main raid team must be 18+ years of age, are required to have adequate gear for Tier 14 raids and must be able to play at the level appropriate for our progression.

We are currently recruiting new experienced members for the raid team. Exceptional players of all classes are welcome to apply and will be considered. However currently we have set our sights on:

Paladin: Protection/Retribution
Mage: All specializations
Druid: All specializations
Monk: Brewmaster
Priest: Discipline/Shadow
Death Knight: Frost/Unholy
Warlock: All specializations

All applications are handled through our website ( and can be accessed through the Recruitment link on the front page.

We raid Wed/Thu/Mon from 20:30-23:30 server time and we handle raid lineups 15 minutes before raid start.

We use our own mumble server within raids. You must be able to talk as well as listen on mumble as playing as part of an organised group is vital to our goals.