We are The Evicted a guild formed 11-04-2011. After heavy guild reforming we are looking to round out our 10 man core. We are a casual friendly guild environment with a core group seeking heavy progression. We have recently been working on MV and are recruiting. We raid 2 nights a week. Attendance must be held to 90% (calendar signups). If you sign up SHOW UP.



It is imperative that our core members are always finding new and innovative ways to play their class. We supply Food but raiders are reminded to bring flasks, pots and the proper mind frame to get things done each night. With the dawn of a new expansion, we are actively recruiting the current classes but exceptional applications will also be considered.

Healers (Preferably Resto Shaman)

Current Progression
MV 3/6

If you are interested in applying please contact Vikona, Frsakn or Whiteperson ingame.
or visit http://evictedclan.com and Apply.