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Thread: Guild management addon/tool

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    Guild management addon/tool

    I'm looking for an addon/tool to help me with recording loot assigned and attendancy to raids.

    The issue: we took over the guild from its old owners, which dont play anymore. This means the forum servers belong to the old owners, and its a bit of a pita to ask them to update all tools (he was nice enough to update the basic necesities but we dont want to pester him too much). Because of this, we cant use anything that would require forum server ownership (I have admin rights).

    I've read around about DKP sites, but I never used one personaly, so not sure what they can and cant do. Atm I'm using Mizus Raid Tracker to record loot and I'm just putting stuff manually in an Excel sheet after each raid - which is not only a pain in the ass, but also impractical, since the other officers cant consult the list at will. We dont need the DKP part, as we use Loot council.

    Any recommendations for a simple addon that can upload loot on some sort of site/table? It's mostly loot tracking I'm interested, we have other means to track attendancy if needed (guild forums/wol).

    Thank you in advance .

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    On the cloud.
    One thing you can fix with the spreadsheet is upload it to your google drive account and make it unlisted, and just provide the link to your officers/whoever else needs to see it.
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    here's an example of what we use, although i don't update it as often as i should...

    much easier than keeping a spreadsheet. it does assume EPGP, but i don't see any reason why you couldn't use the EPGP addon with dummy values with your loot council.

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