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Thread: PST - Episode 104

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    PST - Episode 104

    This week:
    0:23 - Regarding SimCraft and this week's Weekly Marmot
    6:33 - Why not add reputation to Scenarios?
    12:50 - Will we ever see another tradeable Blizzard Store pet like the Guardian Cub?
    15:15 - When should I consider extending a raid lockout?
    19:05 - Should the Dungeon Journal give a minimum item level for dungeons/raids?
    25:07 - Should item droprates in LFR be increased?
    33:08 - What's a good way to teach newer raiders how an encounter works?
    38:47 - Could LFR be used to let lower-level characters run old raids?
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    Re: Scenarios:

    Often overlooked is that you can queue for a scenario and a dungeon at the same time. The dungeon queue won't pop, even if you get to the front of it, until your current scenario ends. I do a fair bit of this, as a pure DPS class: raids don't valor cap me for the week, I'm done with the rep grind, and so I'll jump into a scenario and a dungeon queue at the same time, once a day, do one after the other, and get a pretty decent pile of points.

    Which are now useless, since I have all the valor gear, but building a small stockpile for the upgrade system can't hurt.

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    I think the person who asked the question about the Guardian Cub answered it themselves...it was a failed experiment and I doubt we'll ever see it again.

    It didn't take very long for the prices in the AH to drop making it not worthwhile to purchase one for resale and, on the flip-side, making it less desirable to put down the $10 for one when you could pick it up for a low amount of gold.

    They quickly averaged out at around 500G on my server and bottomed out at 300G or so making it a losing effort for both the original buyer and Blizzard.

    Another factor is that sales of pets in the AH overall has dropped...at least that's been my experience.

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    valor and raid finder and..

    The problem in the expansion is earning currency fast enough. Spirits of Harmony, Valor, and Conquest. Scenarios should be somewhat of a source of spirits, if anything. This time spent in exchange for One of the currencies instead of another... Id like to see the grind for the gear not be left to LFR .. but the rewards come from more of one specific currency being used to buy the specific items they want to use to try and raid in. Is it possible even they need to give a different currency to raiders to distribute the ways to earn currency and upgrades more smoothly without trying to balance everything. The drive to run an instance or LFR.. could be and should be an easier carrot on a stick to engineer.

    There needs to be a cache of something .. seeing gold flash on the screen is like seeing an empty box with cobwebs in the bottom of it.

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    I'll post here to apologize for being completely off the mark in my comments in the parse/sims Weekly Marmot comment I posted. I completely agree with what you say - but it never really occured to me that people would use simcraft to see what they would do in a fight etc. I figured anyone "informed" enough to be using simcraft wouldn't use it for that, which it flat out can't do to any point of usefulness.

    So yeah, sorry for getting the complete wrong end of the stick.

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    Lore just called for 5 man progression! 10 and 25 man raiding is dead!

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    All pets are sellable on the AH as far as I'm aware. You just crate them up from the pet menu and away you go

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