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Who is <BLITZ>?

<BLITZ> is a Horde raiding guild on the US server Cho'gall. The core of the guild is a group of real life friends/family who have been gaming together 6+ years and have successfully led a guild in the past. We are all what we would call "older" players..married, with children, and other real world priorities. Recently we have decided to "get the band back together" so to speak, and are currently looking to fill our roster.


What we need:
Currently we are looking for people...That simple..at this time, we have a need for anyone who is looking to raid..Experienced? great! New to raiding? Great! (as long as you are willing to learn) We currently have no set qualifications for what it takes to join this guild..

Where we want to be:
We want to kill bosses..and lots of em..We know what it takes to clear content, and that's exactly what we plan on doing. Our desire is to keep with current content, preferably before any nerf bats hit the bosses..We all have other priorities, and our game time is precious to us..our expectations are high, but attainable.

What we expect from you:
Your contribution is vital. We expect you to know your class, know your "rotation" and stat priorities, and do all that you can to be effective..We are NOT looking for min/max type of things..We dont care what your professions are..we are just looking for people who can follow directions, learn from mistakes, keep the nerd rage to a minimum, and enjoy playing this game with the same group of people on a regular basis. 50k dps is great, but 48.5k will still kill bosses...as long as you can stay out of the fire..."required" attendance for progression nights means we expect you to be on and ready to roll by 8pm. Our intention is to keep the number of "raiders" in the low to mid teens range. The reason for that is simple...we want to raid every raid night, even if someone cant be there. In the past we have tried to keep the number of raiders to 10 or 11..simply put, this doesnt work. One person having another commitment, or something last minute come up, means no one raids..and we have dealt with that for a long time, and choose not to any more. Our solution is keep the number higher, so one person doesnt break the raid. People on line and ready to raid who dont get into the raid on a particular night will earn loot points as if they were in the raid (see loot system below). We also plan on rotating people in and out during the same raid...for instance, our pally healer has the sheild from the third boss but our priest healer has been trying to get the shoulders off of him for weeks with no luck..we will ask the pally to step out and let the priest come in for that boss in an attempt to get the drop. We like this system for two reasons. 1) it keeps people raiding, even if it may be their night to sit out, and 2) it gears up the guild as a whole quicker..both of which benefit us all.

When we raid:
Raid nights are Tue, Thurs, and Sunday 8-11 server time
Tues: fun night*. (attendance optional)
Thurs: progression (attendance required)
Sun: progression (attendance required)
* Fun night will consist of things like achievement runs, old content for guild ranks, alt runs, mount runs etc..and perhaps occasionally clearing current content that we consider farm content. Attendance is optional, though strongly encouraged...as incentive we will award partial points from our loot system for those that attend.

Loot System
We us the EPGP loot system. Essentially, members earn points in various ways, mainly by showing up to raid. That number is your EP (effort points). loot items are assigned a point value by the creators of the system,(not by us)this number is your GP (gear points). Effort points are divided by gear points to establish a ratio. A priority list is established using this ratio.
Example: (using much smaller numbers than you will actually see in the system for simplicity sake).. An item drops and we say "who wants it?"...it goes to whoever wants it with the highest "priority"...I have 20EP and 200GP, you have 30EP and 200GP..my priority would be 20/200 or .1, and yours would be 30/200 or .15..your priority is higher than mine, so you would get the item if we both wanted it. Then the value of the item would be added to your GP total, lets say its 150pts, making your new GP 350. Now your priority is 30/350 or .085. As you can see my priority is now higher than yours, so next time something drops we both want, i would get it. (assuming i hadnt recieved any other loot to raise my GP). Complicated huh? Not really...Thanks to a terrific add on ran by at least one person, everything is tracked and calculated for us so dont worry..none of us will be trying to do math to figure out who gets the phat loots! Our list of everyones current priority # is maintained by the website/people who came up with the system, and a link to the page is available under the epgp tab, so everyone can know where they are at before any raid begins. There is also a built in decay system, which prevents individuals from "stock piling" their EP and raising their ratio so high that they would remain on top of the priority list and be able to collect the first few pieces of loot when a new tier of items comes out.
We like this system because it is a transparent, drama free system that distributes loot evenly amoungst members. There is no secret loot council, and nothing left to chance like with random rolls. More specific details of how epgp works are available under the epgp tab, as well as a FAQ section.

Miscellaneous stuff that might matter to you

The core of this guild is absolutely terrible at pvp..we are certainly not opposed to pvp, and it is fun, but we arent good at it...Thats not to say we wouldnt be willing to have someone spearhead a pvp section of the guild, but that person is not currently in the guild.

Guild Bank
We have one, and we intend to use it. We have always in the past opened the guild bank for repairs on raid nights, provided food and cauldrons, and opened a few tabs for all. We have no requirements for contributions to the bank, but of course any are appreciated. We will use what resources we collect to better the guild, enhancing the experience for all of us.

Guild Ranks
Co-GM Twothree and Seven
Officer: a person with a specific role/job
Veteran: core member who's been with us for a looooong time
Raider: core raider, the keys to the success of the guild
Member: doesnt expect to raid, may OCCASIONALLY fill in
Rookies: 2 week probationary period before becoming a raider
Alt: umm alts...

Contact Us:
1. Vist our website ==>
2. Contact: Twothree, Seven or any officer in game
3. Email:
4. Battle Tag: Toothree#1578