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Thread: Request Holy Paladin Advice

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    Request Holy Paladin Advice

    I would like to know how many paladins are going for the 12.5% haste bracket before mastery.
    I find spell casting very slow, 2.3 seconds for DL, 2.1 secs for HL % HR, and for what ever reason I can't get into the top 5 healing done bracket during our raids.

    I feel like I am missing something very basic, I struggle to get over 30k in most situations, and on the Garrilon (Spelling?) fight, using Light's hammer and spamming LoD with Divine Purpose Procs, seems to be the on;y way I can hit the 60k+ club.

    I'm told to use Holy Prism in some situations, which does not help my effective hps much or at all.
    This a sample of my healing, which I already know is terrible, but what I don't know is why !

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/blqrcxutgy0xcnw4/ My paladin is called Melana, if someone would like to tell me why / how / when I am messing up, perhaps I can salvage my raiding slot before I get kicked off the team completely.

    I am trying to use Lights hammer or Holy prism every cd, Ho-Sacrifice and Divine Purpose proc's for LoD or EF depending on whats needed. I am really struggling to get a handle on the new healing style for paladins, and any advice, tips would be very much welcome.


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    Hi Melana.

    I personally have 1.5% haste on my gear and casting DL and HR feels slow but I find Mastery much more efficient.

    From your logs I can tell that you sometimes use either EF and SS but they do not seem to have a close to 100% uptime.
    SS should be on the target that is recieving the most dmg(usually the tank) all the time. SS scales well with haste but not at all with mastery. I opt for EF on most fights (but I am raiding 10man, so there could be a difference). If you go for EF try to keep as many EF on the tanks for the HoT + Stacking high Mastery. You can also use 1-2 holypower EF on players if they just need little healing.

    I also noticed that you barely ever heal anyone but the Beacon. Especially with HL you should never directly heal the Beacon.

    As for Lights Hammer or Holy Prism...I personally use Lights Hammer 99% of the time for extra healing during AoE dmg phases. Holy Prism is very situational as its effictiveness depends on low health players needing to stay close to the boss every 20 sec + it costs a gcd. The Hammer is much easier to target and you can use it a gcd before the dmg comes so you can instantly start casting.

    Divine Purpose gives nice extra healing but has its randomness. On fights like Elegon or the first boss of HoF I use Holy Avenger and try to maximize HolyPower generation by using HR, HS and direct Beacon Heals to generate as much HolyPower for LoD.

    I hope this helps a bit.


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