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Thread: Blade Lord Ta'yak issues

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    Blade Lord Ta'yak issues

    Just curious if anyone has any tips I can spread to my raiders for the gauntlet/phase 2 for this fight. We have far to many people dieing to the point that we can get to phase 2 quickly and consistently but pretty much always fall apart after that.

    Hoping I can blame it on us approaching the gauntlet wrong rather than just people tunnel visioning through the tornadoes.

    EDIT: This is for a 25 man setting.

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    Its most likely people need to practice the gantlet, the key to phase 2 is to have everyone wait at the end and top to 100% before they move out. use aura mastery or other raid cool downs as you dodge the tornado. Also note a key trick that help my raid was to stop running forward on tight dodges and just move right or left instead of running forwards and trying to dodge it on a diagonal, cut across out of the tornado then move forward. also if you have a druid healer in your raid it makes this fight much easier since druids can heal as they move. also camera angle makes a big difference on the fight also. a lot of people in my raid after watching the video I post also said it was much easier to see the tornado in my videos vs on their screen, so that means spell details and particle density might be too low on their settings.

    How to Dodge Tornado Tunnel

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    Another tip is to have the majority of the raid jump into the side slipstream at ~11% (before Ta'yak spins to the other side of the room). This will zoom you to the other side of the hall and allow you to reach that side approximately the same time Ta'yak reaches it at 10%, effectively ignoring the time it would take to do the entire gauntlet the second time.

    This also lets you use all strong/mobile raid healing CDs like Spiritwalker's Grace'd(via Symbiosis) Tranquility and Devotion Auras during the first run at 20%. It also allows the use of stacking movement CDs like Druid Stampede, Warrior Stampede (via Symbiosis), and Drums of Speed (via Leatherworking).

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