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Thread: Best Tanking Class?

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    Best Tanking Class?

    I am currently thinking about coming back to the game after a year long break and was considering what class to play. I have a lvl 85 paly, druid, warrior, and Dk and enjoyed playing them all I was just curious if any of them or possibly the monk class had any advantages in the current content. Also if anyone would like to get a brief break down of the advantages and disadvantages of the current tanking classes it would be much appreciated.

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    The best tank is the one you are best at playing (and/or enjoy the most, you tend to better when you enjoy yourself)

    Other than that, class comparison threads, ESPECIALLY the tank ones are frowned upon, because history teaches us that they nearly always end up in a back-and-forth mudslinging competition between people favoring certain classes (again, mostly because they prefer the playstyle and what-not).

    So the question is, what BESIDES tanking do you want to do? Like to dabble in healing? Enjoy solo'ing old raid content? Like the look of transmog gear on a certain class? All these questions will be far more important in deciding your class than that miniscule difference one class or another has on a specific boss or in some weird extreme situation.
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    Comparisons between tanking classes are strictly forbidden here. Thread locked.

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