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Thread: <A> Judgement 4/6 MSV

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    <A> Judgement 4/6 MSV

    Hello again

    We are as always seekeing ways to improve our player base and move forward into each new expansion.
    We are one of only nine guilds on our server to legitimately down heroic dragonsoul prior to the MOP talent drops.
    Our Core raiding group is comprised of the best players from the guild to suit the needs of each fight at any given time.

    To improve our core we are seeking heroic capable players from the prior expansion to leverage our movement upwards and into heroic raiding this one.

    We are populated by players who are adults, some of us business owners, and prefer to maximize our raiding time.
    We recruit adult players only. So no one under the age of 21 with prefered age range being 25 or older with a set work schedule and dependable raid ethics.

    We are not hard core but we are moving closer to that. In order to do so we need more players who:

    Do not stand in shit past the first tick.
    Are not satisfied till they exceed the numbers expected from thier class and gear.
    Work well with others.
    Put the guild and it's goals ahead of your personal bag full of loot.
    Understand that it takes a team to accomplish end game raiding.

    We are not looking for:

    Whiney little loot whores that cry every time nothing drops for them from a boss.
    Die to the same easily avoided mechanics more than twice.
    Feel that they are in some way entitled to succeed without expending any effort.
    Part time players who only show up one or two days a week.

    If you are tired of never completing a full tier of heroic content, or downing everything in the first week of an expansion and then having nothing to do for a year, we may be a reasonable middle ground for you.

    Our primary raid time is from 8-midnight EST tuesday through thursday. We also have a late and weekend group for interested players.

    Paid transfers are always an option for PROVEN PERFORMERS who would like to come help us step up our game.

    Attendance and Performance are key here.

    Till then Great Raiding to you!

    Founder of Judgement on Antonidas Server


    Real Id= john.s.transue@us.army.mil stop by for a chat.
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