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Thread: PittBull Unit Frames Help

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    PittBull Unit Frames Help

    Hi All! I'm very sorry to ask a question like this, but I'm having some real difficulty trying to format my PitBull unit frames in a particular way. I saw a video on youtube of player using a very minimal setup that I really took a liking to. I just started using PittBull 4.0 so it was very overwhelming and sometimes frustrating while trying to setup my frames. I was just wondering if I could maybe get some help from the community here on some of the things I'm looking to implement. I'm sorry if these are kind of amateur questions regarding PittBull, I just wasn't able to find too many helpful guides online. I'll attatch a screenshot so you all can see what i'm going for, I would appreciate any help I could get! Thanks again for your time.
    Some things i'm looking to find out
    1) how to make the player's health bar disappear while out of combat
    2) player nameplate a darker color, with red showing when taking damage
    3) how to make the power bar underneath the health bar very small.
    4) Party formation with color coded power/mana bar.

    Also, here's the youtube video should anyone need for any extra reference.

    Thanks for looking!

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    I'm also having an issue with Pitbull. I deleted "party pets", simply because I dgaf about them, and yet when a hunter/shammy/lock/mage has a pet out, it still pops up. Is there anyway to disable this feature?

    Sorry for the thread jack.

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