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Thread: Heart of Fear - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

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    Heart of Fear - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

    Quote Originally Posted by Millenia
    Welcome to the tankspot Heart of Fear raid guide. My name is Millennia and today I will be walking you through the Imperial Vizier Zor'lok encounter on 10 man normal mode.

    First of all - your raid comp for this boss should consist of 1 tank, 2-3 healers and 5-6 DPS. Neither range or melee is really preferred here. The boss has 174.4 million health with an enrage timer of apporximately 10 minutes.

    The encounter consists of 3 platforms which the boss will move to randomly at the beginning of the encounter, at 80% and again at 60% before finishing in the centre of the room from 40% onwards. Each platform grants the boss one ability and at 40% the boss will fly to the middle of the room and have all 3 abilities together.

    When you begin the encounter the room will fill with gas which damages and silences all players that are not on a platform. Your raid will have to quickly move to the platform that the boss flies to and engage him in combat. If the boss reaches a platform and there is nobody in melee range of him he will begin to cast Song of the Empress.

    If he completes the cast then he will begin to pulse a large amount of physical damage to the raid until a player enters into his melee range. It is vital that your raid gets to the boss quickly to stop him casting but you must ensure that your tank is the first to reach him because he will cancel his cast and melee the first one that reaches him which can easily kill a healer or DPS.

    To speed up your movement between platforms you can use speed increases such as sprints and Stampeding Roar however these must be used on the platform because you will be silenced by the gas which renders you unable to use abilities.

    Before going into details about the abilities on each platform I will first talk about his ability to inhale and exhale. When he inhales he will gain a buff that increases the damage of his exhale by 100% per stack and this stacks but after the boss uses Exhale with 3 or more stacks then they reset back to zero. Exhale is when the boss targets a random player and channels a yellow beam on them. This beam will stun that person for 6 seconds and deal a large amount of physical damage to them. To prevent this the tank can stand in front of the affected person and take the damage for them. Melee need to be very careful because they are also able to stand in soak the beam which can kill you if you catch your healers off guard or soak it for too long so be at max hit range to make it easier for the tank to intercept and soak the damage.

    When the boss and your raid are settled on a platform you will have to deal with one of his abilities. In this kill we started with the platform on the right which grants the ability Force and Verve. This is channelled by the boss and it deals a large amount of periodic physical damage to the raid. To counter-act this he will create 3 Noise cancelling Barriers just before he starts to channel Force and Verve. These noise cancelling barriers reduce the damage you take from Force and Verve by 40% but each barrier can only provide this damage reduction to a maximum of 4 players so you will need to divide your raid among the 3 barriers.

    We put marks on to the tank and each of the 2 healers and assigned 3 groups to those marked players. These groups would stay together and move into the barriers together to reduce the damage and avoid any confusion. Even with the 40% damage reduction from the barriers, Force and Verve still does a lot of raid damage so alot of healing is required. With enough DPS you will only have to deal with Force and Verve twice until the last phase but having a third isn't a raid killer if you can get under your noise cancelling barriers.

    At 80% the boss moves to the next platform which grants him Attenuation. When he channels Attenuation he will create a large amount of sonic rings that spawn and move out in a spiralling pattern. There are 2 ways in which you can dodge these. You can either stand and dodge the rings as they come to you or you can run around the boss and dodge the rings that way which is what most people in our team opted to do.

    At 60% the boss will move to the third and final platform. This is the north platform and grants the boss the ability to mind control 2 random players through Convert. The mind control is broken when these players get damaged to 50% health but it is vitally important that you stun these players or silence them as much as possible to stop them from using their cooldowns or important abilities. To combat this you can also keep your dangerous abilities like fears, stuns and silences on cooldown to prevent the boss from using them against the raid but this is not something we did in this kill. It is very important to be aware that any DOTs that are applied to mind controlled players will still be active even after their mind control is broken so refrain from using too many DOTs because it can kill people.

    at 40% the boss will lift off and fly to the center of the room and begin to inhale the gas to recieve the Inhale Pheromones buff which increases his damage by 10% and haste by 20%. Range DPS can still damage him in this phase so I highly recommend that you do so you can spend as little time in the final phase as possible.

    The final phase is hectic because you will have to deal with Force and Verve, Attenuation and Convert at the same time with the boss having a damage increasing buff. There is not much to say for this phase because you just have to handle each ability as you did on each of the platforms and try to survive for as long as possible. It can be easy to forget your groups from the force and verve platform and you will probably need to re-mark the assigned players so you can do that as the boss is flying to the centre of the room so people know where to be for force and verve. You should use Bloodlust at a time in this phase when it suits your team, we personally used it at the start of this phase when everyone was alive so we could maximise the damage output from it.
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    Realy nice guide and understandable, love the Irland accent.

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    Now this is more like it. Nice vid Millenia, I'd say you covered everything well.

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    It's nice to see a video on the more current encounters but I hope you intend to do videos on the MSV encounters that you haven't done yet. I'm pretty sure there's lots of people who would still find them useful.

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    I would really love to know what mods you are using for such a clean interface.

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    A note for melee and tanks, his hitbox is way larger than you might think. People are used to being up the boss' butt but in this case, you probably shouldn't so that you can easily see Attenuation as it comes out. Many many times melee would get owned by the first rings of Attenuation when they didn't have to. His large hit box also means you can still keep your dps going as melee as you run around the spiraling rings if you chose to avoid them in that manner as is demonstrated many times in this video.

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    Would like to know which addons do u use Millenia

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipmanmv View Post
    Would like to know which addons do u use Millenia
    ElvUi, vudho, recount, dbm, and ofc they are custome set in elvUi. Thats what he told me anyway ;D

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