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Thread: Appropriate damage for 480 geared players and for MGV heroic/heart of fear

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    Appropriate damage for 480 geared players and for MGV heroic/heart of fear

    I realize hunters are kinda crappy in pve at the moment, but that's no excuse.

    My 477 hunter with flasks and food can only do 56-59k DPS perfect rotation on garajal and feng. 50k on spirit kings and will of the emperor(was using pet to swap, much higher if my pet doesn't swap targets).

    I see people doing like 20-25% more dps than me which is awful, I play with 170ms which isn't too bad considering blizzard's lag buffing system, also I'm in an oceanic realm so it's fine.

    I do somewhat less on pure dps bosses like feng/garajal and an insanely lower amount on will of the emperor and elegon. Is this dps acceptable?

    I'm reluctant to finding a raiding guild cause they might not want dead weight. Very few upgrades left that a generic 4/6 pug can get (pants/neck/ring/bracer.. will buy some for valor soon).

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    My warrior alt with 471 ilvl gear sims at 70k dps, did 65k dps on LFR spiritbinder without using totems/flask or pots. Feng is a bit lower for me cause of the movement. Hunters do seem to lack a bit of dps just checked logs from out latest kills our hunter is at 50-60k dps while locks/mages and a lot of melee are higher.

    http://simulationcraft.org/505/Raid_T14N.html If that makes you feel any better.

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    What spec are you playing?

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    Post armory or something.

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    If you want to improve your dps as a hunter, you have to know how to control your pet.

    - Will of the Emperor: just put it on passive and leave it on whichever boss you are going to be shooting. Not the best way to dps the continuous stream of adds, but its the only way you will keep up with other classes.

    - Elegon: again, just leave your pet on the boss the whole time and kill your add in the 3rd phases with help from one of the tanks or healers. Just make sure you pull them back before they fall off the platform.

    For all the other fights armory and logs would be a great help to see what is going wrong.

    Just a general rule of thumb: if your pet has to travel, your dps is going to drop (especially if you are BM) so if you can find ways to minimize this your damage will be higher.

    Another thing you can do to help is minimize the downtime of Dire Beast, by just macroing it into your Cobra Shot and Arcane Shot.

    /cast Cobra Shot
    /cast Dire Beast

    /cast Arcane Shot
    /cast Dire Beast

    These macros do work, as of 11/17/12. I've tried them myself. Dire Beast is on the GCD, but what they do is que it up as your next attack when you are spamming either Cobra or Arcane shot.

    Finally, as a hunter you are just going to have to suck it up that we are the most under powered DPS in PvE content, largely due to PvP. Hopefully Blizzard will balance this a bit more in the future.
    Hunters never die, they just choose to commit suicide. Often.

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    Ah wow I almost forgot about this necro thread. I had to reroll rogue for a far simpler class that has a super easy rotation that is 100% unaffected by lag(up to 300+ms). Just did 81k on garajal at 481 without dancing blade so I'm pretty happy atm.

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