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Thread: [10N] Heart of Fear - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok By Mysticknight

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    [10N] Heart of Fear - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Guide By Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [1]
    Healers [3]
    DPS [6]

    So this fight can be broken up into 4 phases.

    These are the spells you will have to deal with through out the encounter:

    Inhale - This is a stacking debuff that increase the damage of exhale damage by 100%
    Exhale - targets a random raid member and stuns them for 6 sec, infecting damage every .5 sec

    The way we handle the Exhale was to have the raid stack behind the main tank after each special, this allow less movement needed to break the exhale channel.

    when you first pull the boss he will either go to the left platform or the right one. This will be random each time.

    First Platform will last till 100% to (80% to 75%)

    Blue Marker = Left Platform, Yellow Marker = Right Platform, Green Marker = Third Platform, Last Phase Middle of room

    Left Platform
    If the boss heads to the left platform you will have to deal with:

    Echo of Attenuation - these are spiraling disc that will be cast from the boss.

    When Attenuation is cast you will need to move left or right avoiding the Disc of damage, we had the raid stack on the tank and then move together left or right about 10 yards away from the boss to avoid the disc.

    Once the boss is burn down to approximately 80 to 75% he will then phase to the next platform.

    Attenuation will either be cast clockwise or counter clockwise you can follow one direction in the open path to avoid each of the disc. Note that the disc will rebound off walls so its best to stay with in 10 yards of the boss

    Right Platform
    If the boss head to the right platforms u will have to deal with a big amount of raid damage. He will cast 3 yellow bubbles and you will need to have your raid split into each bubble with no more then 4 players in each. We had the melee and tank and 1 healer in the first bubble generally cast on top of the boss, the 2nd bubble we had 1 healer 3 dps, and the 3rd we had 1 healer 1 dps into the bubble. you will also need to pop a raid cool down to reduce the amount of damage with the pulse of damage. once u burn the boss to 60% he will phase

    The boss will cast 3 yellow button one after the other, we had 1 healer in each of the bubble, and group the raid into 4/4/2 use raid cool downs to reduce damage from the aoe damage.

    Third Platform
    on the third platform you will need to deal with:
    Convert - random picks 2 raid members and Mind controls them

    the way we dealt with Convert was to have everyone stack behind the boss, once the players get mind control we used, arcane torrent, and stuns on the Mind Controlled players and burn them down to 50% to bake them Mind Control. Do note that you should have each raid members pop their CC cool downs before Convert is cast, Fears, Blinds, War Stomp and so on.

    We had the raid stack behind the tank after each special, and also for the whole time of the 3rd platform so we could break the Mind Control players quicker, make sure to have the raid pop any fears/war stomps dragon's breath and so on before each Convert Cast.

    Final Phase
    Once you burn the boss to 40% he will then start the final phase of the fight.

    He will grip everyone to the middle of the room. and at this point he will randomly cast Attenuation, Bubbles, or Convert, with exhale after each special attack. We had our raid stay stack behind the Main tank the whole fight and either dodge the attenuation, stack up into bubbles, and stack and burn Mind Control each time, we blood lust on the first bubble stack.

    Over all this fight is all about raid awareness, wasn't a bad fight at all.

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall
    How to dodge:

    Our Kill Video:
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    I will do my best to finish writing up the next set of guides as soon as i can within the week

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