Tanaris - US - PVE - EST
10 man casual/hardcore
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am - 2pm EST

* I am trying to accomplish is a progressive 10-Man competent/heroic raid group that can consistently and commit to a morning/afternoon raid time.

** This 10 man group will be inside the guild <The Unnamed> and treated like any other raid, players must apply via www.theunnamed-wow.com and will be held to the guilds rules and standers just like anyone other raider else.

*** If you apply via website please Click on the 10 Man Morning Application

Looking for serious raiders who play during the day who would benefit the group or guild. The 10 man players in our guild are treated just like any other raider, with all the perks that come with our guild.

The ideal candidate is raid aware, competitive by nature, experienced with the end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. We are an extremely fun group of people to be around and we love to fool around and have fun outside of raid.

The must haves:
Access to Ventrillo/have a working mic
95%+ Raid attendance - No exceptions
110% focus during raids
Extensive raid experience & an appropriate gear level

Currently Recruiting:
Plate Tank
Mistweaver Monk
Ret pally
Dps Warrior
Dps DK
Holy Pally
Any exceptional players


If you would like to be in a hardcore minded, casual raiding guild that pushes for progression kills then you can submit an application at: http://www.theunnamed-wow.com!

Our officers for the 10 man group can also field your questions: Queitbrew/Quietbow, or Rhyzanor

Quietbrew/Quietbow Real ID (officer): christopherloethen@embarqmail.com*
Kungfukema (recruitment lead): Kemanorel#1846 or add sean2358@gmail.com*


IF you are intrested in the 25 man there recruitment thread is below or PST Saintly in game.

*please mention something in your note when you send the request