What it does:

Actively searches your chat box while your in Valley of the Four Winds only for Chief Salyis to shout, if he shout's "Loot and Pillage, Bwahaha!" it will Auto send a message to the guild letting your guildies know automatically that galleon has spawned, even if ur afk in Valley.

When Galleon is spawned / killed it will update your addon with a timer, that states exactly when galleon was killed, you can also pst anyone with the addon and go !galleon and it will tell you just how long it's been since that player has seen Galleon die! (Note: if the player has yet to see Galleon it will return a message stating that player has not seen Galleon spawn Yet)

It will also play a sound if a galleon kill is deteceted (Ovverides Ctrl + M and Ctrl + s Muting) allowing u to mute your sounds and crank your volume up to 100% waiting for that kill (Feature currently requires you to be in a guild) Even if your not in valley and somone in your guild get's a valid spawn it will sound off!

Commands !Galleon

Anyone can use the !Galleon command in Trade/General or Whisper to you, and u will notify them of your last seen Galleon Spawn