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Thread: LFR - Tanking bullet point notes.

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    LFR - Tanking bullet point notes.

    Can someone cast an eye over my Mogu'shan Vaults notes?
    I am planning on tanking LFR for the first time, here's my strat for LFR
    1. Re-watch Tankspot videos
    2. Re-read my notes
    3. Keep my notes up on 2nd monitor during raid
    They are based on Mogu'shan Vaults Raid Guides by Icy Veins (http://www.icy-veins.com/mogu-shan-vaults-raid-wow), but also contain some tips from this Tankspot thread: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...ime&highlight=

    The Stone Guard - 1 phase

    Each Guardian 2 abilities:

    * Petrification:
    * 1 random Guardian casts Petrification
    * Stacks on players - must not reach 100%
    * Reduces raid dmg

    * Overload:
    * When full energy
    * Big raid dmg
    * Clears Petrification

    * Energy gained when Guardians together
    * Want to cause Petrifying Guardian to Overload
    * Before Petrification reaches 100%

    3 Guardians
    * TankA = 1 Guardian
    * TankB = 2 Guardians
    * 1 Guardian start Petrifying
    * Should be tanked with another Guardian
    * So Energy starts increasing
    * Overload = clears Petrification
    * New Guardian casts Petrification
    * Should be tanked with another Guardian
    * Lowest Energy Guardian should be tanked with Petrifying Guardian


    Feng The Accursed - 3 phases

    Tanks gain 2 abilities (must click to get)

    * Nullification Barrier
    * Barrier around tank
    * Protects raid
    * Shroud of Reversal
    * Place on player
    * Reflects spell to boss

    Stacking debuff on tank:
    * Lightening Lash - Phase#1
    * Flaming Spear - Phase#2
    * Arcane Shock - Phase#3

    Switch on 2 stacks

    * Epicenter
    * Casts every 30 seconds
    * Lasts 10 seconds
    * Lightning Fists
    * Place Shroud of Reversal on Tank + don't move
    * Gain hit by Lightning Fists
    * …wait until Epicenter cast, use Lightning Fists

    * Wildfire Spark
    * Debuff
    * Patches of fire on ground
    * Move away from raid when debuff expires
    * Draw Flame
    * Wildfires move to boss
    * Move out of path

    * Arcane Velocity
    * Channelled raid dmg
    * Close to boss = less dmg
    * Arcane Resonance

    Tankspot Tips
    * Phase 1: tank where he runs to.
    * Phase 2: tank in middle, use shield to stop draw flame.
    * Phase 3: tank in middle, und shield to stop damage from the casted AoE.


    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

    * Normal World
    * Boss
    * 20% health frenzy = pop CDs
    * Voodoo Doll debuff on random tank
    * Taunt boss from Voodoo tank
    * Voodoo Doll ends = Banishment
    * Go to Spirit World
    * Nuke adds
    * Spirit World
    * Nuke adds

    Tankspot Tips
    * Tank away from totem. When he send you down to the spirit world, kill the large white add.


    The Spirit Kings

    * Qiang the Merciless (1st)
    * Zian of the Endless Shadow (random)
    * Meng the Demented (random)
    * Subetai the Swift (random)

    Qiang the Merciless
    * Flanking Orders - adds
    * Massive Attacks - cone attack
    * Annihilate - AOE
    * Strat
    * Tank in middle of room
    * Raid stacks on boss
    * Move from Flanking Order adds and Annihilate AOE

    Zian of the Endless Shadow
    * Undying Shadows - Add on player
    * Shadow Blast - Interruptible spell
    * Charged Shadows - Debuff jumps if within 8 yard range
    * Strat
    * Spread out - preventing Charged Shadows from jumping
    * Kite add to edge of room, nuke it

    Meng the Demented
    * Insanity bar increases over time

    * 0% < dmg
    * 100% > dmg
    * Crazed (passive)
    * dmg increase by 200% of insanity
    * Cowardice (passive)
    * raid dmg reflected to raid
    * Maddening Shout
    * players become hostile
    * ends = sustain 20,000 dmg
    * Crazy Thought
    * Interruptible
    * When low Insanity
    * Strat
    * Maddening Shout - stack on boss, raid AOE

    Subetai the Swift
    * Pillage - boss charges player 8yd dmg
    * Volley - cone attack
    * Rain of Arrows - AOE on player
    * Straw
    * Spread out - avoid 8yd dmg
    * Avoid cone dmg

    Tankspot Tips
    * Tank Quiang facing the raid. put a symbol on your head and tell the raid to stack on you.



    * Complex encounter
    * 3 stages
    * Circular room
    * Inner Ring
    * Buff - Touch of the Titans
    * Outer Ring
    * Nothing

    Stage #1 - Inner Ring
    * Celestial Breath
    * Cone AOE
    * Tank facing away from raid
    * Protector
    * Add
    * Off-tank pick up adds

    Stage #2
    * DPS burn
    * No need to tank adds

    Stage #3
    * Inner Circle floor drops away (leave)
    * Do not cross Energy Conduits
    * DPS nuke Empyreal Focuses
    * Destroys Conduits
    * Tank Cosmic Sparks

    Tankspot Tips
    * Tank boss in middle, he cannot move.
    * kill adds as appropriate, only ever move away from the boss if another tank has him.
    * Move off the platform before it despawns.


    Will of the Emperor

    Phase #1
    * 3 types of add
    * Spawn from alcoves (5 second glow)
    * Add: Emperor's Courage
    * Nuke 1st
    * Add: Emperor's Strength
    * Nuke 2nd
    * Tank
    * Add: Emperor's Rage
    * Nuke 3rd

    Phase #2
    * 2 bosses
    * 2 tanks
    * Tank bosses apart ~60 yd
    * Shared Energy bar
    * 100% Energy = Devastating Combo (2 abilities, 5 attacks)
    * Stay within 15yd of boss
    * Devastating Arc
    * Left shoulder = Right side AOE
    * Right shoulder = Left side AOE
    * Forward = Forward AOE
    * Stomp
    * 12 yd AOE
    * But must stay within 15 yds too!
    * Lifts weapon above head (not forward)

    * Tankspot Tips
    * Tank your boss in a corner, near the stairs. The other one should be tanked opposite you, on the other side of the room. Dodge the AoE if you can, use a CD for Titan Gas.

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    I can't look over them all now, but having just done it, the first thing I noticed:

    On the stone guardians, we just tanked all 3 on top of each other and healed through the overloads. Seemed very easy. I know the strat is to separate into 2 and 1, but we never did that with good success (in LFR)

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    On Feng you should use the shroud of reversal as often as possible in phase 2 and 3, phase 2 you can use to copy off wildfire sparks, which when used on you gives your next 20 melee attacks an additional ~100K fire damage, and in phase 3 you can use it copy resonance which you can then put on feng so he takes something like 10k damage per second per person in melee range of him.

    On Gara'Jal its pretty mucha tank and spank on LFR the major mechanics just don't matter, Tank boss>Get banished>Kill Severer>wait for other tank to get banished, repeat.

    On Will of the Emperor you really only need to tank one of big adds and just keep him out the raid to one side and just dodge the aoe combo as best as possible.the rest of the adds the DPS can and should handle.
    Harsh Words and Steel: A Protection Warrior Guide
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    You don't really even need to dodge it honestly if you have your active mitigation abilities timed right. I gave up cause I didn't know about the blue lines (never saw them) and just ate every combo and my health never really dropped much.

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    If you can avoid every combo you'll do 9 million damage more

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    And its fun too!
    Harsh Words and Steel: A Protection Warrior Guide
    MoP RPS Calculator

    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    And its fun too!
    Fun to avoid them AND fun too laugh your ass off when you top the dps meter by a large margin because nobody else in the group knows how. =D

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