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Thread: Whats ur CLASS and DPS - Paladins please post

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    Whats ur CLASS and DPS - Paladins please post


    I have some problems with my paladin (retri,prot). Got 465 retri gear and cant do more than 30-35k dmg. As tank im getting like 20-35 it depends. Whats your dps guys?

    heres my armory: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Lathaander/simple

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    Between 30 and 60k depending on the boss as a tank, our ret paladin does 60-100 depending on boss.

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    Ret is my os so it was only about 450. With that i was doing between 35-55k on lfr bosses.

    For prot my gear is about 466 and it depends entirely on vengeance. Stone guard is usually 30-50k. The upper end is when i have two dogs for more than half the time.

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    Shouldn't this go in the HALP forum?
    Anyway, my main is ret, and last week, using 471 gear I was averaging about 60k+ dps depending on the boss.

    You might wanna specify which bosses trouble you the most so I can try to give specific feedback, but as a general help, try not to reforge haste, also you have waaay too much hit (you're losing about 132 points by overcap, which could go to expertise which is undercapped yet, and cap it). I would personally change Pandaren's Step for Haste enchant on boots since the speed increase is practically null.

    Also, are you taking advantage of the glyphs you have? I usually go for TV + Harsh Words + Double Jeopardy, since there isnt much option there, but first you must ask yoursel if you're using harsh words or wog during encounters (which by itself it's a dps loss, in raw terms). For talents, the only fight where Divine Purpose can be useful I would say it's Feng the Accursed, but for the rest, you should use either Holy Avenger or Sanctified Wrath (which are tied by the moment, but with T14 bonus, SW will be the best option).

    For addons you could use CLCRet which is a rotation help to minimize the response time of your actions, works like a charm.
    For reforging, reforgelite was my option but i heard wowreforge has updated, i haven't checked on that, but at least this addon works pretty well too.

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