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Thread: [25N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Gara'Jal the Spritbinder Guide By Mysticknight

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    [25N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Gara'Jal the Spritbinder Guide By Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [2]
    Healers [6]
    DPS [17]

    These are the spells your raid will need to deal with.

    Spirit Totem - The boss will drop this in a random location

    • Cross Over - This will allow 5 players within 6 yards to travel to The Spirit World.
    • Revitalized Spirit - This is a debuff on players that enter the Spirit World.
    • Return Soul - A player in Spirit will receive this button, once they are healed to full.
    • Soul Sever - This is a 30 sec debuff, if a player have not yet return to the real world they will die.

    Shadowy Minion - Adds that are in The Spirit World.

    • Spiritual Grasp - inflicting 55,000 Damage in the real world per add up
    • Shadow Bolt - inflicting 24,000 Damage to players in The Spirit World

    Voodoo Dolls - This is a debuff that is placed on Gara's current target, and 2 other random raid members those target will now share damage taken, and also wont be able to enter The Spirit World.

    Frenzy - This will buff the boss with 20% melee haste and increase his damage dealt by 25%

    Green Dot = Tanks, Red Dot = Boss, Blue Dot = Melee DPS/Range DPS/Healers

    This encounter can be broken down into 2 phases
    • Phase 1, part 1 - Real World - This is where you will spend most of your time, We just tank the boss in the center, having all the DPS/Healers stacked for easy healing. Once Voodoo Dolls has been cast, The boss will be untauntable and will not switch targets. Taunts will however bring threat up to the top. Voodoo Dolls should be cast on a the Main Tank and on 2 other players. Those who have the Voodoo Dolls debuff will now share all damage taken by each player that is in effect of this debuff and will not be able to enter The Spirit World. Gara will then drop his Spirit Totem randomly on the map. At this point you need to send 1 healer and 4 dps into the purple area around the the totem. Once you have your 5 people with in 6 yards of the totem you will need to DPS it down to enter the Spirit World. Generally after the Spirit Totem is drop he will then Banishment his current Tank hes hitting and force him into the Spirit World. The tank will then need to find a red add named Severer of Souls and will have 30 sec to kill it, Once dead the tank will return to the Real World. (Generally you should have lots of time to kill this add, You are able to throw some extra dps on Shadowy Minions.) Once the Tank enter the Real World they will need to taunt Gara so they will have 2nd threat.
      Another Spirit Totem will then be dropped, and another group will need to enter the Spirit World. Alternate your healers in as you can if they don't have the Voodoo Doll debuff, you can also resend the same team back into the Spirit World if non of the members have the debuff.

      On 25man we had 4 groups, each group had 1 healer 2melee dps 2 range dps, we assinged one person to stay out full time and call out what group was going in and then call out replacment for those with voodoo debuff. (G1 first, G2 + replacment healer or dps, G3 in now, G4 + dps/dps, G1 now!)

      Spirit World - Tanks must kill Severer of Souls to return to the Real World. This must be done before Soul Sever debuff ends.
    • Phase 1, Part 2 - Spirit World - Once a player enter the Spirit world they will gain Revitalized Spirit. The healer must heal them self to full first to gain a mana regen buff. Then must heal the other dps up to full. This will give each player Return Soul Button. The DPS that are in the spirit world need to start killing the Shadowy Minions once they enter, once all minions are cleared or before the debuff Soul Sever runs out, you will need to exit to the real World. If the healer is unable to heal everyone to full so they gain Return Soul or a DPS does not click on their Return Soul button by the end of the Soul Sever debuff they will die.
    • Phase 2 - Frenzy [20% to Win] - Around 25% is when we send in our last group into the Spirit World. They will want them to clear out as many Shadowy Minion adds as they can because after that they will continue to spawn, This will cause overwhelming raid damage in the real world. Pop your cool downs and burn.

    Note this encounter is much easier on 25man the enrage timer is not as tight as the 10man. As long as you're able to get the proper group in and out of Spirit World.

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall

    Our Kill Video with vent
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    Updated video with vent
    Our Kill Video with vent

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