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Thread: [25N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Spirit Kings Guide By Mysticknight

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    [25N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Spirit Kings Guide By Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [1]
    Healers [6-7]
    DPS [17-18]

    These are the spells your raid will need to deal with.

    Qiang the Merciless
    • Flanking Overs - A set of add marching a cross the map, inflecting 1,000,000 damage to anyone getting hit.
    • Massive Attack - will inflect 800,000 damage split amount everyone that is hit.
    • Annihilate - inflect 1,500,000 damage in a cone effect in front of him.

    Meng the Demented
    • Maddening Shout - infect 65,000 damage every 3 sec, and will place a debuff allowing friendly fire. Must inflect 40,000 damage to each member to remove this debuff.
    • Crazed - His damage will increase by double his insanity bar.
    • Cowardice - Spell reflect inflects 50% damage of what ever his insanity bar is.
    • Crazy Thought - each time he is able to cast this he will gain 10 insanity

    Subetai the Swift
    • Pillage - anyone with in this aoe of this spell will get a debuff of 50% less healing or damage, and take 50% more damage (players in effect of this debuff will be naked)
    • Volley - he will fire waves of arrows in a cone effect in front of him, each wave doubling in damage. inflecting 100,000/200,000/300,000 damage
    • Rain Arrow - anyone caught in this attack will be disabled, and take 30,000 damage per sec, till they're broken out.

    Zian of the Endless Shadow
    • Undying Shadows - targeted on a random player, will cause it to follow a player and inflect 10,000 damage aoe within 10 yards of it. It will stop chasing a player once its destroyed and will cause a a purple puddle on the ground, this will inflect 30,000 damage to any player standing in it and will last 30sec
    • Shadow Blast - inflects 100,000 damage to anyone caught with in 8 yards of this blast, will target random raid member
    • Charge Shadow - inflect 100,000 damage and will cause a chain effect to anyone within 8 yards of each other

    Green Dot = Active boss, Red Dot = unactive bosses, Blue Dot = Raid

    In this encounter you will be starting off with,

    Qiang the Merciless, You will want your raid to all stack up on his toes infront of him, so you're able to split the damage of Massive Attack. After he will be casting Annihilate, right when he cast this spell you need to run through the boss to avoid by this attack, if any play is caught by this attack they will die. After he will cast Flanking Order, this will cause 4 guards to spawn in a random location on the map. You will need to move as a group to avoid this, since Massive Attack will also be cast during this time. Rinse and Repeat, till hes dead. (Flanking Order will now be in effect for the rest of the encounter)

    Green Dot = Active boss, Red Dot = unactive bosses, Blue Dot = Raid, When Annihilate is cast just have raid run through the boss

    Red Dot = active bosses, Small Red Dot = Guards, Blue Dot = Raid, When Flanking Order move as a group to avoid the Guards, The Guards will spawn randomly on the edge of the map

    After this a one of the others will be active. Also note who ever was active u will still need to deal with One of their main mechanics through the whole encounter.

    Meng the Demented, Once he is active you will want to do a interrupt rotation for Crazy Thoughts till he reaches 50%, Watch your timers to see when hes about to cast Maddening Shout, you will want your raid to stack up together, and throw out light AOE Damage, each player will need to take 60,00 damage before this debuff falls off. Do not place Dots, or any kinda of CC such as fear. Players will be able to have full control over their toons, but able to inflect friendly fire. Once his insanity bar is higher the tanks will be taking more damage, you will want to pop a raid or tank CD once the meter is nearing full. Also Cut DPS on the boss once the meter is high, since u will be taking reflect damage base on the amount of insanity that is in his meter. Rinse and Repeat (Maddening Shout will now be in effect for the rest of the encounter)

    Subetai the Swift, Once he is active you will want to stay spread out. Once he cast Volley you will want to move out of this before he finish his 3 volley generally you can take the first shot, but will need to move out of the others. He will also cast Pillage you will need to move out of this before his cast ends. and finally he will cast Rain of Arrows, if anyone is caught in this switch range dps to break them out asap. (Pillage will now be in effect for the rest of the encounter)

    Keep the Raid Spread out as much as you can, so you can avoid his volleys

    You will be able to see a ring around him when he cast Pillage, make sure you are out of this area before his cast end.

    Zian of the Endless Shadow, Once he is active he will cast Undying Shadows, have that person kite to the side of the room and have range dps burn the shadow down. you will also need to have interruption order for Shadow Blast.

    Have the person with Undying Shadows to kite it to the edge of the room

    The fight will get harder and harder as each King is active, We toss out a lust once the 4th king was active and just burn.

    Over all this is a very easy encounter compare to the last boss, it may take you a few shots, but once u see everything its quite simple.

    The fight is pretty much the same as 10man.

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall

    Our Kill Video with vent
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    added our 25man kill video with vent

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