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Thread: [25M] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Feng The Accursed Guide by Mysticknight

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    [25M] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Feng The Accursed Guide by Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [2]
    Healers [6-7]
    DPS [16-17]

    We will first start off with spells that the tank must handle in this encounter first.
    In phase one each of the tank will be picking up a new spell by clicking on a rune that will be placed on the ground at the start of the encounter.

    Nullification Barrier - This spell will allow the tank to place a protective barrier around him and anyone that is under it.

    Shroud of Reversal - This spell will allow the tank to steal a spell that is being cast by the boss.(note: you must target the main tank and they must be hit by the spell you're stealing. Target the Main tank wait for the timer on the spell you're stealing cast the Shroud on the Main tank, make sure they get hit by that spell!)

    These two spell will be used in all phases in different ways.
    Tanks will receive different stacking debuff in each phase, so tanks should be doing a swap every 2 stacks.

    Phase One [100% to 66%] - Lightning Lash

    Phase Two [65% to 33%] - Flaming Spear

    Phase Three [33% to 1%] - Arcane Shock

    These are stacking debuff on the boss's target, hitting for 30,000 damage per 2 sec and will stack up to 5 times

    Phase One [100% to 66%]

    Boss = X, Tank =Square and Diamond, Triangle = Melee DPS, Star = Range DPS/Healers

    Tanks - One tank on Square, One tank on Diamond, Tanks will need to avoid Lightning Fists (if Shroud of Reversal is up, then make sure the main tank gets hit by Lightning Fist and have the off tank target the Main tank and cast Shourd, with about 2 sec left before it cast.), If Shourd is on CD, All you need to do is wait for the cast and just strafe right or left.

    Lightning Fist - Stuns and inflects 100,000 damage and case a cone of damage that will cause 250,000 damage to who ever it hits

    Once he starts to cast Epicenter he will be rooted as he cast the spell, at this point everyone should be stacking up on star for easy healing and also the tank with Nullification Barrier should be stacked with the group and pop this cool down. You will be able to use this spell every 60 sec. Epicenter will be cast every 30sec, so you should have raid cool down ready for when Nullification Barrier is on cool down. (the tank with Shroud of Reversal should try to spell steal this and cast it back on the boss.)

    Epicenter - Inflict damage to all raid members depending on distance from boss

    So rinse and repeat till you burn the boss down to 66%

    Phase Two [65% to 33%]

    Boss = X, Tank =Square,Star = Off-Tank/Melee DPS/Range DPS/Healers

    In this part of the encounter you will have to deal with mechanics:

    Wildfire Spark - this will pick a random person and then drop fire underneath their feet, dealing 117,000 damage

    Draw Flame - Feng will try to absorb any fire in the area and will cause 80,00 damage per explosion

    The way we handle these two spells in this encounter was if the main tank has Nullification Barrier Cool down available, you will want anyone with the Wildfire Spark debuff to drop the fire about 10 yards away from the left of star, this will allow the boss to Draw Flames to absorb all the fire that is dropped right before the fire gets to him. The tank needs to pop Nullification Barrier, all the flames will be absorb but he will not gain any stacks. When Nullification Barrier is down, you will need to use raid cool downs after he is finish casting Draw flames, you will also want to have anyone who has Wildfire Spark to move far away from the boss and drop the fire, so that you can keep the stacks low when he Draw Flame. Each time he explodes the stack of debuff will go down by 1. (note that after the first Nullifiction Barrier is used on the first draw flames we move the boss to the opasite side of the room so you have the chance of drawning less flames.)

    The Tank with Shroud of Reversal should be stealing Flaming Spear every time the cool down is up in this phase and cast it back on the boss. If you you do this correctly you will inflect an extra 10,000,000 damage on the boss and reduce the healing needed on the main tank.

    If you have Nullification Barrier up drop fire close to him so he can absorb all the flames since he wont gain stacks

    If Nullification Barrier is down then use raid cool downs and drop the fire far away from the boss.

    Your goal is to enter Phase 3 with Zero Wildfire Sparks on the boss, since what ever amount of stacks of flames you have after phasing will still be casted and its a lot of extra healing that isn't needed.

    Phase 3 (33% to Win)

    Light Blue Dots - Tanks, Lime Dots - Melee, Blue Dots - Healers/Range DPS, Everyone should be spread out.

    In this phase you will have to deal with:
    Arcane Velocity - This will be a channel spell that cause aoe damage to all raid members. Further away you are from the boss the more damage you will take.

    Arcane Resonance - This will pick a 2 random person in raid and will start a pulsing aoe damage around the target.

    In this phase you want to have everyone spread out and the boss tanked in the center, the boss will cast Arcane Resonance on 2 random member of the raid, they will need to stay 10 yards away from everyone while this is in effect (the aoe will be with in the pink/purple ring around the player. Normally it will be cast right before the boss uses Arcane Velocity, You will want everyone but the players with Arcane Resonance to stack on the top of the boss as he channel Arcane Velocity, If Nullification Barrier is up use it, if not you will want to use a raid cool down. Rinse and Repeat Then Win. Note: that the Shroud Tank is able to spell steal Arcane Velocity and cast this on the boss also to add extra damage.

    You want to Have the person with Arcane Resonance to be as close as they can to the boss with out them doing damage to the raid, The Pink/Purple ring will indicate the aoe of the spell.

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall

    Our Kill Video with vent:

    More info regarding Shroud Tanking:

    Generally the shroud tank has 3 chances to steal lighting fist before epicenter, have the shield tank tank first, watch your dbm timers, to see when lighting fist is about to be cast, it must be the next attack he cast or u will steal the wrong spell, its about a 2 to 3 sec window. I normally watch the timer and see that i skip the dot, and fist is up after i have the offtank targeted and waiting. hit the button so it start channeling and don't move or attack till the button changes into lighting fist. also note that u need to tell the tank im stealing lighting fist, so that the off tank will get by the spell. once u started the shroud cast i just hit tab so i can target the boss. and wait. Once u interup epicenter taunt the boss, the main tank should have 2 to 3 stacks at this point and that is fine. once his stack drops have him taunt again. then use shield stack for the next epicenter.

    Once epicenter ends the shield tank will have the boss once again, the first lighting fist normally comes really quick i normally skip this one since u normally trying to get him back into position. once u see the next lighting fist coming up with that 2 to 3 sec window target the tank again cast shroud and let it channel till it turns into lighting fist and make sure the tank gets hit with lighting fist.

    As a side note, if you're quick you can you are able to interrupt epic center 2 times in a row if you steal the first cast of lighting fist. so cd would go Shroud,Shroud,Shield, Shroud,Shield, Shroud/ Phase at this point. This was on 25man, but the timing should be the same as 10.

    How To Shroud of Reversal:

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    Updated the video to once that had vent
    Our Kill Video with vent:

    Updated audio so youtube would stop yelling at me!
    How To Shroud of Reversal:

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