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Thread: [25N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Stone Guards Guide By Mysticknight

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    [25N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Stone Guards Guide By Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [3]
    Healers [6-7]
    DPS [15-16]

    These are the spells your raid will need to deal with.

    Overload - Once any of the guardians reach full energy it will blow up and deal 500,000 damage if its not the active guard

    Solid Stone - If the guardians is alone he will not gain energy for overload.

    All 4 Guardians will be active on 25man

    One of these mechanics will be in effect depending on which Guardian is active.

    Jasper Chain - This will link 2 random raid members (not including tanks) and inflect 35,000 damage from targets 10 yards apart and will break after 15 sec.

    Amethyst Pools - Will drop purple pools on the ground that will cause aoe damage of 70,00 damage per sec for anyone standing on them.

    Jade Shards - Aoe damage inflecting 85,700 damage to everyone in the raid.

    Colbolt Mine - Targets a random raid member, and will blow up after 3 sec and cause 340,000 aoe damage with in 7 yards of it

    In this encounter you will have to deal with multiple bosses, when ever the stone guardians are together they will start gaining energy. Once they are full they will cast Overload. This is why you want to have three tanks. Each tank will hold 1 unative mob, once their mod is the active one u waill want to taunt the lowest engery mod off the tank that is holding 2 mobs.

    You will start off by having One tank pick up the 2 on the right and then the other tanks to hold one each. Who ever has the active mob will then taunt one of the inactive off the person holding 2, unless the tank that holding 2 has the active guard, if this is the case we have our 2nd tank taunt the active guard when it reaches 50 energy.


    Light Blue dot = 1st Tank, Yellow Dot = 2nd Tank, Green Dot = 3rd Tank, Blue dot = Melee, Orange Dot = Healers/Range DPS We found this was the best way to do the encounter, is to have the tanks staying split and stay in a triangle pattern. moving clockwise.

    Once the Tank is holding the two guardians, they will both start to gaining energy, once both of the guardian reaches 50 we have the 2nd tank taunt the active guardian. This will keep the active guard with higher energy then the unactive one. Ideally this means that the active guard should have about 50 energy and the unactive should have O to 10. Each time that we have a new active guardian we have the tank taunt the previous guard that has just blown up.

    Rinse and Repeat!

    Jasper Chains - When Jasper guard is active, we have the people who are linked to range and melee split and try to break their chain, but if melee/melee are linked or healer/range/range are linked ignore the chain and just have healers keep them topped off.

    Amethyst Pools - Don't stand in them, this is why we have the tanks kite clockwise.

    Jade Shards - Just heal and use raid cool downs as needed.

    Cobolt Mine - When cobolt is active, We have the tank that is holding a single guard to pop the mines, other then that avoid running into them.

    Rinse and Repeat Then Win!

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall

    Our Kill Video with Vent
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    Added our 25man kill video with vent
    Our Kill Video with Vent

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