--Cymbrogi-- is a 10 man oceanic raiding guild that tries to balance real life with solid raid progression. Our officers all have extensive raiding backgrounds and banded together with the goal of creating a friendly guild with other players of the same mindset. That mindset is to progress quickly through all content with minimal drama to be one of the top 10 man guilds on the Nagrand server.

As we are a group of mature people, we do restrict the age of our members to 18+. We will also remove anyone proving to be a nuisance to our sanity. Guild drama is unacceptable, issues will arise, we expect them to be dealt with quickly and then put behind us.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday: 7-10pm AEST
Thursday: 7-10pm AEST
Sunday: 5-8pm AEST (back-up raid night/additional raid night for progression as needed)


1 RDPS - pref Lock or hunter currently, however would consider any exceptional app who can get the job done.
We are full on healers and tanks currently.

If you would like to join apply online at: http://cymbrogi.wowstead.com/
Talk to Sianix, Khersus, Whoods in game for additional details