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Thread: Arms vs Fury 5.0.5

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    Arms vs Fury 5.0.5

    Hello everyone!

    I've been running some LFR recently as Arms and I gotta say it was a lot of fun. So today i decided to try both specs with the dummy and try to see which one was giving me better results and surprisingly(to me) I was doing about 15k more DPS as Arms.

    So my question is: Is Arms a viable option as a raid DPS? Or is just that Fury scales better with gear and the reason I'm doing more dps as Arms is my lack of gear?

    By the way, excuse my bad English, not my language

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    Arms has been the top DPS spec for Warriors for the last couple of raid tiers, to my understanding. I could be wrong about Cata stuff though, as I honestly didn't pay much attention. In theory with perfect uptime on everything, Fury is supposed to be higher. But in actual raids, it hasn't been working out that way.

    Actual rankings: http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/Spec_Score/25H/100/14/60/default/
    Theoretical rankings: http://www.noxxic.com/wow/dps-rankings/theoretical-dps

    Even in the theoretical rankings, which is doing everything absolutely perfect, the difference between Fury and Arms is pretty small. I'd say if you're not in a guild that's going for any sort of top rankings, then there's no need to worry about that difference.
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    Simulationcraft is generally accepted as the most accurate simulator. According to their tests with no legendaries, etc, here are the rankings for this tier in BiS:


    There is about a 5% difference between SMF and Arms. For most players, that's less difference than lag + rng crits + movement + any other factors that vary slightly from pull to pull.

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    i have a question....i know its still the beginning of expansion and i myself am still gearing up i guess.....but my dps seems low to mid group in raids and i dps my guys little heart out...i also wondered the significance of expertise cap as a fury warrior...i cap hit and expertise ...and when all or most stats are maxed i add more hit or expertise so im thinking my dps will go up when i get more white hits when my hit is 11-12 percent...i only came remotely close to downing the guards once and everybody was doing 60k dps the other tank 45k and me 25k...i can get 40-45k as a fury dps if im lucky in there...idk what im doing wrong....466 item lvl i think...mind you i dont buy gear and stuff like these guys probably do either....but it seems you need at least 60kers to complete that raid comfortably....im lucky to get one if any in groups...

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    7.5% hit and expertise is nigh mandatory for fury, you shouldn't need more expertise than that as you never should be standing in front of the boss, Hit after the 7.5% is not really worth it, crit will get you rage and DPS.
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    From what I read for fury 7,5%hit/expertise>crit>strength>hit past 7,5%>mastery>haste. Been playing arms on my warrior though, things you might want to keep an eye on to improve your dps is using dragonroar+bloodbath on cd and using CS on cd as well. Once you're comfotable with the rotation use heroic leap during CS as well it's not on the gcd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbad View Post
    things you might want to keep an eye on to improve your dps is using dragonroar+bloodbath on cd and using CS on cd as well. Once you're comfotable with the rotation use heroic leap during CS as well it's not on the gcd.
    This is a bit misleading as pressing things on cooldown is a good way to lower your dps, especially with your suggestion to hit CS on cooldown. Sudden Death will often make it light up before the natural cooldown, occasionally within the 6 seconds that the debuff lasts on the target. Hitting it right away in that situaion would waste seconds of 100% armor pen, which over the course of a boss fight can add up to a lot of lost damage. You need to pay attention to your debuffs to make sure you aren't wasting any CS uptime. I'm guessing you didn't mean for them to hit it right away in this situation, but there are a lot of people who are new to Warriors and Arms who wouldn't realize this was a DPS loss.

    That being said your suggestion to add heroic leap in during CS is a good suggestion as you do want to try and land as many attacks as possible during that period of 100% ArP,
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