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Thread: need help with my monk tank

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    need help with my monk tank

    hi there my main issue im having is my monk takes a ton of spike damage more so than other tanks. im gemming out for crit like I have seen a lot of end game monk tanks do so I can always have elusive brew up but even with that I still feel like I take too much damage. I keep shuffle up as much as I possibly can but I still get rocked granted my ilv is only 535 but I don't think that bosses in flex should be hitting me that hard lol. I cant post an armory link because servers are down but I will as soon as they come up. my toons name is Yvaan and im on Cenarius server. I was wondering if any one had any add ons they could recommend or even critique my gear and gemming. any input would be greatly appreciated. I use to play a prot war and now im almost double guessing my choice on switching over lol. but im sure its something im doing wrong because ive seen and heard great things abut monk tanks. here's my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Yvaan/advanced
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    Need to see a log to properly analyse your gameplay. how often do you purify, what conditions do you purify? how do you use guard?

    Avoidance makes you spikey, this is true for all tanks. The choice is whether your healers can deal with your spikes, if you're dying to them clearly yours can't, so you maybe shouldn't be going for a crit build but a more mastery heavy build. GOing Dual wield is a slight survivabilty loss, generally you want a two hander unless the average ilvl og your `1-handers is higher than your 2hander (you'd need a 524 2-hander for it to be better). You are also not expertise capped, its really non negotiable for monk tanks 15% without it you run the risk of having parry streaks and being chi starved just when you need it, at your haste levels Power Strikes is more chi than Ascension so you should probably take that talnet, Dampen Harm and Xuen are not great Talent choices either, Dampen Harm tends to be meh, as most of the time you won't be getting hit hard enough to trigger the effect, and most of the nasty stuff is magic in SoO so Diffuse magic tend to just be nicer. Xuen;s only really worth using on pure singel target fights and offers minimal survivabilty gains, whereas RJW is much nicer for all the AoE fights in SoO. Using the DPS meta is a no-no if you're dying switch to the Austere, (and get the Indomitable ASAP)
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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