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Thread: [10N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Will of the Emperor Guide By Mysticknight

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    [10N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Will of the Emperor Guide By Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [2]
    Healers [2-3]
    DPS [5-6]

    You will start the encounter by taking on the different types of Trash adds that you will need to kill hrough out the whole encounter.

    Emperor's Rage
    • Emperor's Rage - Fixates on a random target and chases them.

    Emperor's Courage
    • Emperor's Focused Defense - Fixates on one of the tanks
    • Impeding Thrust - a stacking debuff that decreases movment speed by 25% and increase damage taken by 100%

    • Energizing Smash - Inflects 250,000 damage in a 10 yard radius, and stuns anyone caught for 2 sec

    Once the main encounter starts these 2 bosses will spawn.

    Jan-Xi and Qin-xi
    • Devastating Combo - [i] when this is cast the boss will start his 5 strike attack.
    • Magnetic Armor - [i] If you are more then 16 yards away from the boss he will pull you towards him.
    • Opportunistic Strike - if you avoid the devastating combo you will gain this attack, it will inflect 500,000 damage on the boss

    You will encounter the gas phase about every 2mins.

    Titan Gas - Inflecting 20,000 damage per sec to all players, and increase all damage dealt by raiders and enemies.

    Red Dot = Jan-xi, Lime Green Dot = Qin-Xin, Light Blue Dot = Tank, Yellow Dot = Tank, Orange Dot Healers, Blue Dot Range, around that area.

    This fight its all about handling the adds and tanks dodging the Devastating combo, so they are able to gain the Opportunistic Strike.
    Add Priority should be Emperor's Courage, Then Emperor's Rage and then Emperor's Strength.

    Once the Emperor's Courage spawns it will target a tank and start to fixate on them and head towards them, if the add reaches the tank it will place a stacking debuff on the tank that will decrease movement speed by 25% per stack and also buff the add with a 100% damage increase each stack. Note that they will only be able to be attack from behind and you can in-snare and slow its moments.

    Once the Emperor's Rage spawns it will fixate on a random raid member, this excludes tank. and starts attacking its target till it is killed.

    Once Emperor's Strength spawns we had our hunter taunt it and kite and kill this add, he will also cast Energizing Smash it will be a large circle on the ground that you need to move out of.

    What ever the direction of the slash you will want to avoid it, strikes will cover 180 degress in the direction of the slash.

    On this encounter we had our tanks drag the boss back to where the stairs were, the boss will cast Devastating Combo, what you will be looking for is blue lines in the air showing the direction of his strike. He will have 4 different strike that you will need to look for. Right ,Left Forward, and Stomp.

    Each of his strike will cover at lease 180 degrees in the direction he is striking. so if right is strike then move left, If left move right, if forward then run thew him to get behind, then his stomp u will need to run out 10 yards away from him. u will need to dodge 5 of these strikes to gain Opportunistic strike that will inflect 500,000 damage each time. after the combo the boss will be doing increase damage so make sure to use a defensive cool down each time it ends. You will need to save one of your major cool down for when you are in the gas phase.

    Also note: that you can add more people to dodge these combo's for the opportunistic strike, balancing this will depend on how your add controls are.

    Rinse and repeat!Rinse and Repeat Then Win!

    Over all this was a pretty easy fight if you killed Elegon then this will just take a few attempts till your tanks get how to dodge the combos

    Note that we were able to keep one melee full time on the boss dodge combo's since we 2 healed this encounter

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall

    How to avoid Devastating Combo

    Our Kill Video with Vent:
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    updated audio so youtube stops yelling at me!
    How to avoid Devastating Combo

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