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Thread: PST - Episode 100

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    hello ,
    i mailed a question for the show and i havnet seen it answered
    could i missed it or was it skipped?
    was about couples raiding together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    You'd asked to keep yourself anonymous, I didn't have a way to display the question without displaying your name. It was also really long :P
    That's fair enough. I didn't require you to justify it at all really, lol.

    That being said, in the future, I will definitely bear those things in mind. I do tend to be a very "wordy" person, even though I spent about an hour trying to cut the question down as much as I could, lol.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    It was in chronological order, and I definitely answered it. You must have missed it.
    My board time is displayed a PDT, not sure if that is what yours is or not, but would definitely explain why I have't seen it yet. After watching part 3, I can see that was the case. Wasn't trying to rage about it. Grats on #100. Here's to 100 more

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    Epic work Lore, loved watching them..


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    So Lore you clearly LOVED this PST method, safe to assume it will be PST's standard format from now on?!
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    There aren't words to describe how incredible an accomplishment this is. Blizzard should make this an in-game Feat of Strength specifically for you.

    it's more like a big bowl of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amilarah View Post
    There aren't words to describe how incredible an accomplishment this is. Blizzard should make this an in-game Feat of Strength specifically for you.
    it's more like a big bowl of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.
    That quote is from Doctor Who

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    Just wanted to say in regards to the tailor question about crafting bags. They must not be aware that a new bag does exist but it comes from the August Celestials rep. Just take alot of dailies to get it...

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    "Because they're gnomes..." was the highlight for me.

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    Hey lore, fantastic episode and gratz on epsiode 100.

    It would be nice to see simular episodes to this in future, but a scaled back version as the amount of work involved seems excessive, maybe a cut off point at X number of questions instead of all of them, so a middle ground between a normal PTS and this one.

    I would just like to clarify my world boss pvp flaging question if I may, the issue I ran into on several Sha attempts and an attempt on Gallion was that even if no-one in the group was already flagged, the opposing faction could come with a smaller force, wait until your group pulled the boss and adds had spawned, swoop down into the DPS's AoE and get them flagged, any healer who then healed any flagged DPS also got flaged, quicking leaving half the raid open to being killed by the other faction and causing a wipe.

    Rinse, repeat until the raid disbands, with no attempt made by the other faction to claim the boss for themselves.

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    Congrats on 100, and major cudos on the 7 hour PST! Impressive!

    Also, on the first video you were asked why PST stands for, and you said you didn't know, and that it was just a term you heard in trade chat.

    /tell was the "whisper" command in EQ. Much of the nomenclature for wow came from that game as you probably aware, but that was the particular phase to send a personal instant message between players. As an aside, many chat mods for WoW include shortcuts of /t as a shorthand for this reason. Because this was the short command in EQ. You could also use /tt to simply target someone and /tell them. This is included in those mods as well.

    Just FYI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    Just tested on my ele/resto sham, it is indeed only dropping me to about 80k mana (at 85) when I swap. My Paladin loses all of her mana switching from Ret to Prot tho. Weird.
    This is because they only use the base amount of mana.
    If you'ld switch to Holy, you'll first be set to 0/60k, then you'll get the +400% max mana, giving you an additional 240k max mana. Because the way the game is set up, you also get 240k (current) mana when you receive the bump in max mana.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ion
    Damn old people, screwin' with my grind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barlar View Post
    Lore, no one can tank you enough for your contribution to the community!
    Sure his misses can tank him enough

    7 hours of pst.., mjae, no, skipping some questions for sure, but thumbs up for your tenacity Lore

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    Yesss, made Lore go "wat". I'm not exactly riled about the state of 25-mans, even though we're the only one left on our server, I just sort of wonder how niche they could let it get. Also I was kind of fishing for "beating a marginalized horse." My other question about Pandarens and alcoholism was, of course, tongue firmly in cheek.

    Also, a very close facsimile of Kazzak did indeed raid capital cities during the BC release event, IIRC.

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    Here are the time stamp annotations for the videos (work in progress I will finish them as soon as I can)

    Part 1
    2:22 - Is gearing up for LFR/LFD using PvP gear a problem?3:28 - Would Blizzard ever implement an interactive combat engine?
    5:17 - Should Blizzard increase server capacity?
    6:52 - Should Justice points have been made more useful?
    8:15 - Can PvE and PvP be balanced at the same time?
    9:23 - Will we see the tri-spec or Quad-spec in WoW?
    11:32 - How can Murozond exist without Nozdormu as an aspect?
    13:08 - Why can't I down level to play with friends?
    14:30 - Should they give a race change when they implement new character models?
    15:25 - What are your feelings on WoL being used for recruitment?
    17:55 - Why did Blizzard change shadow priests so much?
    18:44 - What are your thoughts on Dot classes doing 25% of their dps through dots?
    20:15 - Is there too much of a gap between heroic dungeons and normal raids?
    21:44 - Do I play with real life friends or do I recruit new people to be able to raid?
    23:20 - Should achievements in other Blizzard titles affect the new Blizzard All-stars?
    24:47 - Should we be able to choose in-game factions besides Alliance and Horde?
    27:29 - Why do you play WoW?
    28:27 - How is MoP class balance?
    30:54 - Would PvP towers in zones encourage more world PvP?
    32:23 - What are your thoughts on mistweaver monks?
    32:50 - Is "touch of death" useless?
    34:06 - Should flying mounts have more restrictions to encourage PvP?
    35:46 - How can I fill my raid roster without a record?
    37:02 - Would mini games be good in WoW?
    37:43 - With CRZ will Blizzard change looting away from tapping a mob?
    39:37 - World vs. World on Wow?
    40:26 - What are your views on model editing add-ons?
    42:04 - Will Terenas' Crown be implemented as a legendary?
    43:13 - Do you think Challenge modes will become an E-sport?
    45:12 - How do you deal with water glitches on the ultra setting?
    46:17 - What do you think about the length of the world boss spawn timers?
    48:06 - What is your favorite expansion?
    50:53 - Do you think MoP Cooking was a good change?
    52:44 - What does PST stand for?
    53:31 - If you could make any ability for each class what would it be?
    55:22 - Should we be able to turn in more than 90 lesser charms per week?
    57:57 - How do you feel has WoW evolved?
    59:40 - How would I go about starting to raid again?

    Part 2:
    0:24 - Why can't I enter lower level raids solo?
    0:48 - Can I raid with a gathering profession?
    2:22 - Could reputation tabards help with the rep. grind from revered to exalted?
    3:12 - Lorewise, do you agree more with Garrosh or Baine and Vol'jin?
    3:52 - Could paragon levels work in WoW?
    4:52 - What was your favorite set bonus?
    6:41 - Is there anywhere where I can download your UI in a pack?
    7:54 - Will Outlands and Northrend get a revamp?
    8:25 - How come WoW doesn't incorporate overflow servers?
    9:09 - Why is the BMAH so expensive?
    9:42 - What will you do when WoW is over?
    10:44 - Is there anything that could make you rage quit WoW?
    12:00 - Do you think that Blizzard can insert a role specific item roll in LFD?
    12:57 - What if they had 2 game clients, the old one and the new engine?
    14:23 - Do you like the new world bosses?
    15:11 - How can Blizzard improve 25 man raiding?
    17:38 - How can I best prepare for raids with a limited schedule?
    19:30 - In end Tier will you out gear the earlier LFR and be able to skip them?
    20:35 - What race would you change your paladin to if you could have any race?
    21:37 - Will you ever be able to hide enchant animations?
    22:15 - How can I form a second raid group without falling into the pitfalls?
    23:15 - Do you think MoP is successful so far?
    24:15 - Should Blizzard reduce the price of realm and faction transfers?
    25:26 - Will we ever be able to group up with people between Europe and North America?
    25:26 - When did you start tanking?
    26:21 - Is there weaker storytelling in Mists without a central boss?
    27:50 - What are your thoughts of mobs in MoP having so many stuns?
    29:50 - How do I go from being a good tank to being a great tank?
    31:42 - Whats with the stuffed purple unicorn?
    33:34 - Will Blizzard ever introduce vanilla servers?
    33:03 - Would Blizzard ever implement a 3 fraction system?
    34:37 - Do you prefer Alani's method of obtaining that mount?
    35:54 - Does active mitigation work or does it need changes?
    36:32 - Does Blizzard like to have overpowered classes?
    37:37 - How do we recruit new raiders after our roster fell apart?
    38:17 - Is Garrosh going to be corrupted by the Sha for the final boss?
    39:59 - What is the lore behind burning eye?
    40:33 - What are your thoughts on rogue nerfs?
    42:34 - Will Blizzard ever create servers for old expansions?
    42:51 - Was the removal of flying mounts only to slow down the leveling process?
    43:35 - Do classes have too many cooldowns?
    44:47 - Has tanking become increasingly simplified and boring?
    45:55 - Is there enough content to make Mists enjoyable for all?
    46:58 - Will player housing become a profession?
    47:41 - Would Blizzard ever implement a feature that scales up gear item level?
    49:02 - With account wide mounts are old school rare mounts easier to get?
    49:32 - Can sub rogues and frost mages remain non viable in PvE?
    50:13 - What are your thoughts on this raid tier so far?
    50:43 - Why can't all races be all classes?
    52:22 - Why aren't there skill trainers in the main cities?
    53:02 - Any advice for someone looking to start raiding?
    53:52 - Is Elegon tuned too tightly?
    55:08 - Is Mists of Pandaria worth buying?
    55:21 - Should I stay in my friends guild or join a more progressed raiding guild?
    55:42 - Would world bosses work better without having to worry about tagging them?
    56:49 - If they add BMAH to the armory app will its degrade the purpose?
    57:11 - What are your thoughts on tanks in PVP?
    58:19 - Are prot pallies (and tanks in general) out dpsing their dps counterparts?
    59:16 - Is WoW the best game ever? Whats your favorite?

    Part 3
    0:30 - Is Disc the worst healer spec?
    1:50 - Why won't blizzard make infinte character slots?
    2:43 - Will Blizzard put a real money AH in WoW?
    3:17 - How is your pet battles roster doing?
    3:58 - Should secondary professions be account wide?
    4:48 - How long will Blizzard keep releasing expansions?
    5:31 - How will Blizzard deal with large numbers and the number crunch?
    6:32 - Will raiders lose their drive with LFR available?
    7:30 - Please suggest a good fair loot system?
    8:25 - Should the AH be shared for the battleground not just the server?
    9:07 - Do you have a preferred time on when you release PSTs and how long they are?
    9:45 - Should pure dps classes out dps hybrid classes?
    10:33 - What percentage of the player base do you believe are bots / hacks?
    12:35 - Where will the WoW story line go from here?
    13:43 - Whats the best way to raid with an uncertain schedule?
    14:00 - Can you export your Vuhdo settings?
    14:34 - Who do you listen to when various theorycrafting sites have conflicting information?
    15:42 - Should vendor gear be worse than normal raiding gear?
    16:50 - Is there a way to add heroic mode questing / solo play?
    17:37 - Will Blizzard ever stop increasing player level with expansions?
    18:49 - How would you feel about spectator mode?
    20:15 - Is Blizzard making the more mandatory dailies longer grinds?
    21:13 - Why is there a drastic skill gap between 10 and 25 man?
    23:51 - Will you ever make a PST for different games?
    23:24 - Is the Pandaren racial too good?
    24:33 - How long until healing stream is nerfed? will Blizz add more world bosses?
    25:16 - Did they put marmots in WoW for you lore?
    26:20 - Should blizzard make old factions able to be raised to exalted?
    27:02 - Will Blizzard ever release a raid version of challenge modes?
    29:04 - When will justice points be able to upgrade gear?
    29:34 - Does your wife play video games?
    30:10 - Are crafting recipes more useful for casual players?
    31:15 - Should PvE players be forced to do PvP to get gear?
    32:44 - Why aren't there longer more spread out dungeons?
    33:57 - Why doesn't Blizzard do more to balance PvP?
    35:00 - What are your thoughts on bugged quests?
    35:35 - How do you manage WoW time when you have many alts?
    36:10 - Why do you prefer 25 over 10 man raiding?
    37:39 - Do you like the way feasts work in MoP?
    39:08 - Will we ever see cross faction PvE?
    40:08 - Is the Sha of Anger implemented right?
    40:44 - Why did they nerf warriors?
    41:32 - What advice do you have for new players?
    42:11 - Is valor too slow from LFD?
    42:47 - How can Blizzard make dual specing easier?
    44:26 - What will the next expansion be?
    45:29 - Why did you pick a paladin as your main?
    46:33 - Is gold farming too viable a way to gear up?
    47:42 - Any idea what the legendary quest line will be about?
    48:17 - Is there a way to see which mobs drop threat?
    48:52 - Will we ever see an increase in mount speed again?
    49:18 - Should raiders cap conquest for PvE gear upgrades?
    49:50 - How important is the perfect raid comp in heroic progression?
    50:03 - Why is Months behind obsessed with butts?
    51:14 - If you could add anyone in the game WHO would it be?
    51:43 - How do you manage the guild bank?
    53:03 - Should players on PvE realms be immune from being flagged for PvP when engaging a world boss?
    53:55 - Has easier modes of raiding diminished the status / honor of killing a boss?
    55:10 - Are the mechanics in MSV pug killers?
    55:56 - What are your thoughts on the heroic instance locks?
    57:05 - Is it impossible to start a new guild with the guild advancement system?
    58:19 - Will a portion of the legendary quest involve turning in a large amount of valor?
    59:31 - What are your thoughts on boring DK level 90 talents?
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    Lore, man ye be bat$#!t crazy for 7 hours of PST. props for keeping your word in answering nearly every question you received.

    With the Spirits of Harmony BoP (grrr) and a pain to farm (even if you are literally farming them on the ranch) it seems to make crafted gear lack luster or a bit of a waste. why does blizz seem to be sticking with this model? especially now when we have to do a zillion dailies for rep to even buy the recipes. Along with that what is the point of the Epic gear that requires Blood spirits (uncommon drop rate). not much in difference compared to its raiding gear equivalent. appreciate your thoughts.

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    Azshara raid can stay dead, scrapping Azjol'nerub was criminal.

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    Just wanted to explain my Valor buff question:

    With my Cloud Serpents maxed out and Anglers being "useless" (I'll get exalted with them through Nat Pagle's fish quests anyway), I net about 800-900 Valor on my main before I come upon my weekly alt-heroic spam. I can probably get about 400 Valor on him during that time, so if I 'invest' earlier in the week in capping out my main, I could get more Valor overall on my alt and as my main is better geared, it's even faster than doing it on my alt.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ion
    Damn old people, screwin' with my grind.
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    So how horrified would you have been if after you'd wrapped up the 7th video you realized you'd left the lens cap on?

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    Great job answering all of those questions .

    One note though, that you listed exactly why Haste is important to Prot Paladins as though it was why it wasn't important.

    Hit > Expertise > Expertise (hard) > Mastery > Haste > Parry > Dodge.

    The problem is that many, many tank items give stats that just aren't important, Parry/Dodge, that don't work well with the Synergy of Mastery/Haste.

    Another step is that you need to meet quotas for Hit and Expertise, there is no real question there. The real gearing questions come down to how you should balance Mastery/Haste or if you should ignore them in favor of avoidance and so on. The response of 'Haste just doesn't matter because its so far down' doesn't make sense when Haste is the first decision you actually have to make about your gear.

    I'm not here to question which is better or not, but that you seemed to dismiss the first actual gearing decision that you should make as I feel getting Hit and Expertise caps isn't so much a question as a matter of fact. You will have it or you won't do well, so the real decision is after that.

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