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Thread: The Little Paladin that could.

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    The Little Paladin that could.

    I've played since Vanilla. During TBC I leveled a Prot Paladin, having gotten fed up chasing the guilds main tank in DPS on my Hunter. I rapidly fell in love and my Prot pally quickly displaced my hunter as Main character.

    Fast forward to Cataclysm. Picked up the expansion. Made it a few quests into the water zone and rapidly tired of how easy the fights where. (I was in full ICC-10 gear at the time) I hearthed out and broke out my T-2 Judgement gear and proceeded to level 80-85 using level 60 armor weapon and shield.

    Fast forward to Panda. I stopped playing a while back. Friend of Mine gifted me Starcraft 2, which came with a 10 day WoW trial.

    So I reuped my account and gave it a shot. This time in quested gear as I didn't raid in Cat. Again I rapidly tired of the fights and again I went and broke out my old T2 gear. (Sans Trinkets, rings, and necklace). I've had my ears bent by comments telling me there was no way I did some of the things I claimed. So this time I started recording it.

    I'm currently posting my progress on youtube under the series name "The little paladin that could". I thought about posting vids to the forum here but no place seemed appropriate. The thread labeled Tank movies seems to be Pro quality guides and the other thread I saw was for PvP vids.

    Is there an appropriate place for me to post vids?

    All help appritiated! Thanks in advance!


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    Re: The Little Paladin that could.

    That is epic....can't wait to see them

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