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Thread: [10N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Elegon Guide by Mysticknight

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    [10N] Mogu'Shan Vaults - Elegon Guide by Mysticknight

    Raid Compassion:
    For this encounter you will need:
    Tanks [2]
    Healers [2]
    DPS [6]

    These are the spells your raid will need to deal with.

    Touch of the Titans - a buff Increasing all damage by 50% and increase healing taken by 50%
    Overcharged - stacking debuff that inflects an extra 5% damage per stack

    Phase One
    Celetial Breath - a cone attack that inflects 60,000 damage ever 0.5 sec for 1.5 sec
    Materalize Protector - an add that can be summon if the boss is above 50%

    - Celestial Protector - [i] add that are in phase one[i/]
    • - Arcane Energy - inflect 95,00 damage to two random players and apply a 50% healing taken reduction debuff
    • Stability Flux - - once the add reach 25% he will start to inflect 22,500 damage per pulse to all players
    • Total Amihilation - - once the add reach 0% he will blow up and inflect 200,000 damage to all players

    Energy Tentrils - with no one in melee range he will death grip everyone and inflect 175,000 damage to all players
    Radiating Energies - once 50% or lower, he will periodically inflect 17,500 damage to all players inside the energy vortex, and 50,000 damage that are outside it

    Phase Two
    Draw Power - summon 6 adds once any reaching the boss will end phase 2, every 6 adds u kill will add a 10% damage taken debuff onto the boss.
    Energy Charge - add that is summoned once killed will inflect 33,749 damage to all players

    Empyreal Focus - Energy charge will be drawn to these
    • Energy Conducit - inflect 190,000 damage to all players
    • Linked Focuses - both Focuses must be destroyed before it will power down.

    - Cosmic Spark - These spawn after the all Empyreal Focus are destroyed

    Phase Three
    Unstable Energy - [i]inflect 18,000 damage to all place periodically[i]
    Energy Cascade - inflect 175,000 damage to a random player and anyone with in 5 yards

    Phase One 100% to 85.5%

    Light Blue Dot = Main Tank, Blue Dot - Melee, Orange Dot - Range DPS/Healers/Off-Tank, Red Dot - Celestial Protector, Skull = Boss

    We start this encounter by entering the Energy Vortex, you will gain a buff called Touch of the Titans, and a debuff called Overcharged. Tanks will need to taunt swap the boss after each add, you should be getting about 10 to 14 stacks of Overcharged maxed (make sure a tank pop a cool down before Celetial Breath hits once you start reaching around 10 stacks), if you are getting more then this you are most likely killing the adds too slow. we have the range and healer stack up on the edge of the Energy Vortex, this will allow range and healers to reset their stack by jumping. Everyone should do their best to reset their stacks around 6, melee dps should be starting to move out on 6th stack and have no more then 8 stacks. Depending on how your dps is you shouldn't get more then Celestial Protector before you phase it at 85.5%

    Elegon will cast Celetial Breath so we tank him this way so that all the healers can still heal everyone

    Tanking Adds
    Celestial Protector needs to be picked up and dragged on top of the stack point once, its below 25% the tank needs to pull it out of the Energy Vortex. Once it hits 0% it will cast Total Amihilation, its best to have everyone reset their stacks before this happens, and also remember to use a raid cool down as you can, we 2 healed this fight so any amount of mana you're able to save the healer is greatly needed. Once it reaches 0% it will be rooted at this point the off tank should head back in and taunt swap the boss so the MT can reset their stacks. You will rinse and repeat till the boss reaches 85.5%

    Phase 2

    We Place a dps on each of the marker and the tank on the middle Empyreal Focus once the center one are destroyed have your tank and dps assist the other 2 on your side.

    Once you take the boss down to 85.5% this phase will start. We had a dps assigned to each of the Empyreal Focus, 6 Energy Charge will be spawned and you need to kill these before it reaches the focus., each set of 6 you kill will reset the phase and allow you to gain 10% debuff on the boss that will increase his damage taken. Each round of sets will move quicker and quicker, You will need to get about 3 to 5 charges killed, if you're able to kill 5 charges u will gain 60% debuff on boss. Once we killed the 5th add we ignored the 6th wave and just burn the boss. Once the Charges hit the focus it will start and the arcane vortex floor will drop. you will need to burn these energized Empyreal to break the Liked focuses debuff. You will see blue flames across the room, do not stand or run into these since u will die. Cosmic Sparks will start to spawn tanks will need to pick these adds up and drag them to triangle once the Energy vortex is up drag them into that and burn them down. One of the tank will need to grab the boss or he will cast Energy Tentrils and that will pretty much wipe your raid.

    Destroy the focus as quick as you can and then group up at a stack point, pick up Cosmic Sparks and then move into Energy Vortex when its active.

    you will now do phase 1 again till you reach 50% and then do phase 2, once phase 2 ends you will need to all move together and stack up behind the boss. in this final burn phase you will not be able to reset your stacks, chain cool downs blow lust and kill him as quick as you can!.

    Light Blue Dot = Main Tank, Blue Dot = Off-Tank, Orange Dot = Melee DPS/Range DPS/Healers
    In this final burn phase you should have all of the raid stack up for easier healing, have tank swap taunt as cool down are used

    Over all this fight is the most difficult in MSV, it's a very heal intensive and tight on dps at current gear level.

    I will be doing a video guide of this encounter soon!

    This guide was written as of patch 5.0.5

    Written by Mysticknight of US-Thrall

    Our Kill Video:

    Trash Video:
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    Our Kill Video:

    Trash Video:
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