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Thread: [A] (Turalyon) <Pure> 25 Man Heroic (2/6HC) - Recruiting - 3 day raiding

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    [A] (Turalyon) <Pure> 25 Man Heroic (4/6HC) - Recruiting - 3 day raiding

    Pure is a 25 man English speaking raiding guild, based on Turalyon (EU), Alliance side. We aim to strike a balance between fast raid progression and real-life, clearing all content in a timely manner.

    Current progress

    We are currently 4/6 heroic in Mogushan Vaults and 6/6 Normal Heart of Fear.

    WoWProgress - World of Logs

    Previous tiers

    As a guild we have achieved the following notable achievements, all with a strict 9 hour per week schedule:
    • DS 8/8 Heroic
    • Ragnaros heroic (7/7H Firelands)
    • Lich King 10 & 25HC (before Cataclysm)
    • Halion heroic
    • Tier 11 11/13HC (including Sinestra)
    • All raiding meta achievements

    We typically raid 3 day a week*, so expect applicants to attend all of these raids. If you can't make these times every week, Pure isn't the guild for you.
    • Wednesday: 19:45-23:15
    • Thursday: 19:45-23:15
    • Sunday: 19:00-23:15
    * As the current tier comprises 16 bosses we acknowledge that there's a lot of content for a 9 hour schedule and in exceptional circumstances will consider an extra night on the Monday to clear remaining content.

    Is Pure for you?

    All applicants are expected to have a solid knowledge of their class and come prepared for each raid. If you are not the kind of player who enjoys reading up tactics, theorycrafting to min-max your class and more often than not find yourself stood in the fire, we aren't the guild for you.

    Currently recruiting

    We are currently recruiting the following classes, of course, exceptional applications are always welcome to apply, regardless of our recruitment status:
    • Mage
    • Shadowpriest
    • Rogue
    • Holy Paladin
    • Mistweaver Monk
    More about the guild

    Outside of raiding we like to frequently go back to old content for achievements and gear. We run alt runs on off nights (7/7H Firelands, 8/8H Dragon Soul), and enjoy doing rated battlegrounds and other PvP related activities.

    We enjoy playing together as a group of friends, and managed to grab server 1st level 25 through hard work from all of our members. If Pure sounds like a guild you'd like to join, head on over to our website @ Pure Guild | Turalyon EU, or contact Ayd in-game.
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