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Thread: Monk: Mistweaver Healing, spec, stats, talk it over.

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    Monk: Mistweaver Healing, spec, stats, talk it over.

    So wanting to get idea's off other monk healers, on which talent everyone is picking. This would be for pve raiding, 10man.

    Tier 1/6: I picked The triple roll along with roll healing. On movement fights I think this wold be great, Hold back from group a couple sec's. Roll heal through entire group, let them get ahead of me and do it again.

    Possible other thoughts for tier 6, the tiger CD. Along with the statue this might be a good dps/heal cd. Haven't tested it, but so far i like roll healing. Would also be good to roll heal when low on mana on moments where it all goes wrong.

    Tier 2: I just speced into Chi burst, and love it. But only useful if ppl are simi stacked. I was using Chi Wave and found it useful sometimes. But the travel time for the spell is horrible.

    Tier 3: I was using the extra chi to have a max of 5, but recently changed to Chi brew to get all my chi back right away. And am liking it better, to have a instant extra chi to use if needed.

    Tier 5: I am very torn on this tier. I just got the glyph for mana tea, making it a 10sec cd drinking 2 stacks over having it a channeled spell. So I was thinking on healing elixirs.But that is a 15sec cd. Making it possible to use every other mana tea drink. You could wait that extra 5sec but would defeat the purpose of the mana efficiency of glyphing mana tea.
    Lets do a little math here for 2 min's (for the numbers below you just used both spells)

    Mana Tea drinks: 12- 8% mana per drink- 96% mana back VS 64% mana back if waiting (assuming u hit it every single time it is off CD. Which you should, that's the point of the glyph .
    Healing Elixir proc:8- 80% self healing VS 4 - 40%
    I think my numbers are correct... even not you can get the idea.

    If not picking that you have 2 slef cd's for damage, could be good if you know the boss will be doing burst damage to the raid at some point.

    Haste cap in case you didn't know would be 1350 (assuming u have the 5% haste buff) If not 3538. Next haste cap is over 8000. So really not worth Getting right now, if not possible. With the haste buff, the haste cap is very very simple to get. We have a ele shaman and s.priest, so have never been with out my haste buff. Was a shaman my self before as well. With out it, i would think the 3538 would be very easy to get as well.

    I forge spirit, spirit, more spirit. No set number yet, i'm just stacking spirit like mad. Crit/Mastery is where i see the most flip flopping on. Mastery is good to spawn healing spears, if your raid is good at being aware and will move with out being yelled out. I opted out on this because we have issues of some ppl being aware of what is around them. So crit will be my next stat i will go with.

    So those are my thoughts on it. Would love other inputs on other ppl who took the dive into the monk healing.

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    I'm raiding 10man as well my talent choices are:
    Momentum - that run speed bonus is fantastic and the charges seem to be ready just when I need them
    Chi Burst - Whenever you get any kind of semi-stacked group its great (thinking P1 Feng, where group is behind boss and tanks in front for quick stacking)
    Ascension - Being able to build up 5 chi then EM, RM, EM onto both tanks is great. Plus alternatives aren't that great
    Leg Sweep - Great for trash pulls, and adds but I'm thinking Charging Ox Wave might provide a bit movement during add-free bosses
    Healing Elixirs - 10% healing on myself every 15sec can't beat it
    Chi Torpedo - Being able to move quickly while healing nearby people/myself is great. I could see Rushing Jade Wind be great on aoe stacking fights though

    For Glyphs:
    Renewing Mists - 40 yards is great and will make sure you can blanket entire raid.
    Mana Tea - The biggest benefit is the instant cast, just spam on cd.
    Spinning Crane Kick - Can easily sweep back and forth of a sub-optimally stacked group and keep everyone up.

    As for stats:
    Haste (1345) > Spirit > Even More Spirit > Mastery > Crit > Extra Haste

    1345 Haste is nothing so definitely go for that, then like you said all spirit. As for Mastery/Crit I prefer Mastery atm. Fights have enough movement that most will get picked up by accident. And even if you only have a couple people, going for them its great. I feel like the only place crit will really benefit you is EM as SM and RM are relatively weak and RM is a ton of overhealing in 10 man. Each sphere is gonna be 25-30k compared to a 12k RM crit or 17k SM crit, which is only 6-8.5k gain per crit. Not to mention your spheres can crit.

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    Hey Harroth,
    Momentum, i was using that for a while. But when i speced into Chi Torpedo. I figured the 3 rolls would be more helpful. Though i could see where the run speed increase could be useful.

    Ascension, i was using for all of my lvling, and part way through 90. I agree having a extra chi can be very helpful, i went with chi brew though. My view on that, in those moments where you need to refresh the HOT on everyone can pop that, then the brew(i can recall spell names right now) then uplift to refresh the hot quickly is better imo. So both ways could be good, depends how you look at it. If you save chi and use it then, yes go with ascension. I spend chi right away, so i like the instant refill so i can get rid of it right away.

    Healing Elixirs, i keep going back to this on my mind. its going to be a 18sec cd in 5.1. I think i need to spec into this, i tend to be a little busy in raids healing and forget to use my self CD for damage. So this would be a self ever ever other Drink pretty much. I am just over thinking it trying to maximize the mana/free self heals

    I very much agree with Rushing jade, on stack aoe fights, I may spec into that. Though they did nerf the healing from spinning recently, So it may or may not be good still. I still love the though of the triple rolling heal though. Its free and heals for a good amount.

    After our first raid, i stressed the point of my orbs. Since i saw a stack of 6 orbs with couple ppl next to them . I may lean more into mastery once we get used to them. But as for now I am sticking with crit. Over healing is kinda crazy.... I expected this though. Keeping the hot up is good, but really does end up with a crap ton of over healing. I guess that is the nature of the beast with it.

    The haste cap is stupid easy to get. Been forging out of all that extra haste to get more of other stats. I do love the panda racial. my 300 spirit food is now 600 . Spirit flask, fun times! I am really looking forward to healing more with a monk. So much fun, looks like it will mix very well with our group

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    I actually think the choices for talents for monks are relatively straightforward.

    Tier 1 - Momentum or Celerity - There is an argument that could be made for both. For dungeoning, I think Celerity turns out to be the superior talent since you'll be moving more frequently in the dungeon overall. For raiding, it is incredibly close. Celerity is the superior choice if you need to Roll back to back, or make use of a third Roll. If you are finding those situations rarer, I think Momentum could be better since there are instances where a Roll will overshoot you or not get you quite there and the movement speed will provide a small benefit.

    Tier 2 - Chi Burst - I think this is hands down the best talent. I've seen some arguments for Chi Wave, but the cooldown on it incredibly frustrating. Chi Burst definitely provides a reliable Chi dump and seems to be useful in a wider range of situations.

    Tier 3 - Chi Brew - Being able to set up to cast 4 back to back Uplifts is incredible (pool 4 Chi before big damage then use Chi Brew). Monks do a lot of consistent healing (not really very bursty like some classes (outside of Revival) and we can't just dump more mana to bring people up. Having the Chi to do a 'make your own burst' situation is too powerful to pass up.

    Tier 4 - Leg Sweep - AoE stun for dungeons, yes! For raiding, this tier is a bit lackluster.

    Tier 5 - Diffuse Magic - The 90% reduction on magical damage is very, very potent. On fights without magic damage, I'd probably go with Dampen Harm. I haven't played around much with Dampen Harm to be honest, since in general I can find use for Diffuse Magic.

    Tier 6 - Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger - Before the SCK nerf, Rushing Jade Wind was relatively attractive. With the nerf, Xuen is definitely the best talent choice in this tier. We already heal relatively well on the move (at least for the durations we should actually be moving). Xuen allows us to heal without moving ourselves physically on fights where we can stay relatively still and can be used while moving. He also hits ridiculously fast and the Eminence healing from him is nothing to laugh at.


    Stat wise, for 10 mans I'd suggest - Haste to Cap > Spirit > Crit > Mast > Haste - just because it can be harder to get use of those orbs in 10 mans. If your group is really good at using them, Mast is probably okay.

    For 25s, I think - Haste to Cap > Spirit > Mast > Crit > Haste - there are so many people and during movement they tend to get used a good bit.

    I think beyond the Haste to Cap and Spirit though it becomes more foggy. There is some math to suggest that Crit and Mastery provide similar returns from the Mastery Orbs. I think I'd lean towards Mastery in this since I still don't like how Crit is mathed and modeled for healers.
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