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Thread: Judgement 1/16 MOP looking for skilled players for heroic raiding

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    Judgement 1/16 MOP looking for skilled players for heroic raiding

    As always we are seeking adult players with more than average skill for progression raiding throughout the expansion.

    We finished the previous expansion with 8/8 heroic complete prior to 35% nerf and new talents.

    We started raiding last night and are currently one boss complete.

    We are not a new guild looking to form. We are not a flash in the pan that will burn out in the first few months or dissband because of internal drama.

    Don't miss your oppurtunity to explore all that the lands of Pandaria have to offer as we steadily work our way through the content.

    Are you a long time player that notices how many raiding guilds start out strong only to peter out and fade away as the going gets tough? Do you enjoy the game for more than just meteoric progression followed by months of nothing to do? Do you want to get in the raid get the boss down and not have to deal with a guild full of children argueing over whe is "the best of the best" at what is still nothing more than a game?
    If you are an exemplary player who has felt held back for whatever reason in the past now is your chance to get involved with on of the few casual guilds on the server that continues to mix our non hard core approach to raiding and membership with our proven method for completion of content in a drama free non elitist atmousphere.

    Our core group is up and raiding and will be progressing day by day deeper into the content as it unfolds. We do however have oppurtunities for very skilled players as out raid positions are not locked and we have multiple groups raiding at any given time.

    Contact us online for more info or apply at:

    Questions can also be forwarded to our Guild E-mail address at :

    Or hop on our MUMBLE and ask for INJ

    pw whopper

    Great raiding to you
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