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Thread: Brewmaster Tank Video (Gara'jal 10M - Normal)

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    Brewmaster Tank Video (Gara'jal 10M - Normal)

    Hello Brewmasters and other Tanks,

    I will be publishing some Brewmaster Monk Tanking Pespective videos over the next week. Part 3 of the series, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, is already out at:


    These are not so much strategies, but annotated and narrated videos explaining how I was able to accomplish the fight from my point of view, and as they are guild first kills there will surely be refinement. Still, I hope you can find some decent nuggets in there to help you with your progress as well.

    Snarshk - Ysera
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    Hey there!

    I just embedded the video within the post for you. I figure this looks a bit nicer. =)

    (If you are curious on how to do that, just click on the lil video reel in your post and it'll pop a box asking the url.)

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    Awesome, thanks Krenian!

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