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Thread: Author Spotlight: Tanking Class Guides!

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    Author Spotlight: Tanking Class Guides!

    TankSpot has always been a site built on community. It's the great minds and helpful attitudes of the members of our forums that have made TankSpot one of the best resources for the World of Warcraft raider over the past several years. Thing is, if you've just been checking the front page for new videos, you might not even know it!

    So, with that in mind, I think it's time we start giving our community authors some well-deserved recognition. From now on, every so often I'll be spotlighting some of the best articles, guides, videos, and threads around our community. And hey, while we're looking to our roots, what better place to start than with the very topic that got us started nearly 6 years ago? Tanks, if you're looking for some help getting things together for Tier 14 raids, perhaps one of these guides would be a good place to start:

    Warrior: Harsh Words and Steel - Tengenstein
    - Warriors may also be interested in Airowird's Prot Warrior Spreadsheet

    Paladin: Tanking with the Blessing of Kings - Fetzie
    - Paladins heavily involved in theory may also enjoy Jere's MoP Paladin Threat Values

    Druid: Survival Instincts - Tielyn

    Although we don't have any complete guides (yet!) for Death Knight or Monk tanks, there is some great discussion underway in our Tanking forums:

    Death Knight: Talents and Their Applications

    Monk: Brewmasters, That Peculiar Animal

    Of course, any questions you may have can also be directed to our "HALP! I need advice!" forum, where our authors and community members work together to help keep you on track. And if you're interested in becoming a TankSpot author, the best way to get started is to simply get involved with the community! There's no application process involved -- show yourself to be a valuable member of the community, and perhaps your video or guide could appear in the next Author Spotlight!
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    I sincerely wish more would come to view. I feel like I wasted this year's 30 bucks for Aggathon's P90x. Entirely gratifying. Let's talk about how much traffic we can generate.
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    yay new stuff on front page! keep more like this going!

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    A certain warrior spreadsheet by a certain Airowird is missing....
    Harsh Words and Steel: A Protection Warrior Guide
    MoP RPS Calculator

    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    I'll be fixing the images on the DK talent post later today. I ran into a small problem with storage of images on the site.
    No one tanks in a void.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    A certain warrior spreadsheet by a certain Airowird is missing....
    Added, thanks
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