After lurking around for the past few years, I decided to put together a (somewhat) short video showing the spawn locations of the eggs for the Order of the Cloud Serpent Reputation. The tl;dr of the video guide includes the following information:
  • Tuning your settings to see eggs easier
  • A quick tutorial regarding the revered daily
  • Actual spawn locations
  • A route that will keep you near egg spawn points 100% of the time.
So, here is the video, showing the exact spots I check, and the paths that I travel:

Here is roughly the location you will want to be checking in. Make sure you check the peaks of the islands, around trees and in bushes. The eggs like to look exactly like the shadows, so they are hard to see sometimes!

And finally, here's what the eggs look like up close.

Thanks, and I hope this helps people who want to get their serpents, and serpent flying!