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Thread: MoP Fire Mage Guide

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    MoP Fire Mage Guide

    EDIT: Updated tier 6 talents - Also Frost and Arcane Guides are written. Just need the funds to buy a new HDD So i can render and upload them to youtube.

    Fire mage guide Level 90

    HI Tankspot: I am a new poster here who was recently motivated my Lore's recent movement to revitalize the raiding community and make this forum the "Place to Be" as a Raider. So In that spirit here is my Fire Mage guide intended for raiders at the start of MoP, this will be updated as much as possible, whenever a major update occurs you can be sure to find full explanations and a video summary of the guide's key information.

    Video Overview: - Text Guide Below


    A little about me:
    I am a Mage based in Australia who raids with the guild HOSTILE on Nagrand-US. We are a oceanic top 5 guild at the time of posting this and we aim to keep it that way. I have been playing WoW since about patch 1.2 - bu t- I was a dirty no good casual until a little ways into BC. I have been making guides for WoW since patch 4.2 and aim to deliver a consumer centred product, I don't want to be one of those lazy bastards who just records off a headset, renders in sub-par quality and doesn't know what he is talking about.

    I aim to be a champ who records using Blue Yeti, edits with a copy of sony vegas I have no idea how to use outside of rendering... who doesn't know what he is talking about. **

    What you can expect from me: I aim to post the best darn mage guides out there. Which will explain everything clearly and present to you everything you need to be competitive. Whether you are working on an alt or are seeking information as a progression focused raider, I want my guides to be a one fit suits all.

    I also post anything (On my youtube channel) that I find amazing or interesting, such as farming spotsm 101kill 0 Death BGs or really terrible attempts at humor. Realistically, just something that I think you might enjoy or get a kick out of.

    Thanks for reading and I PROMISE this is the last line you will have to read before getting to the guide.

    PS. ** I like to think I know what I am talking about.

    PPS. OK... now this is the last line.

    Thanks and Enjoy

    Fire mage guide Level 90.

    Fire's Movement and sustain even with minimal gear makes it an excellent choice for any budding raider. It seems to be the most competitive spec when dealing with both "Patchwork" and "movement" fights. The playstyle is very similar to the way it was played from 4.3 onwards. However, much of the heavy RNG has been removed; it is still there, but the damage spread is far less.

    Our Abilites:

    1. Ignite: A 4second DoT that deal damage equal to a percentage of our core abilities damage, modified my mastery.
    2. Fireball: Our main "Filler" Spell
    3. Scorch: Our main "Filler" Spell while moving
    4. Frostfire Bolt: Can be glpyhed to replace fireball (also has a 40% slow)
    5. Inferno Blast: Replaces Fire Blast; an instant spell that deals moderate damage and will always crit
    6. Pyroblast: Like fireball with more damage and an amazingly powerful DoT.
    7. Heating Up: Occurs after a critical from Fireball, Fostfire bolt, Scorch, Infernoblast and Pyroblast
    8. Pyroblast!: is triggered after two successive crits on the boss from any combination of Fireball, Fostfire bolt, Scorch, Infernoblast and Pyroblast. Pyroblast! allows your next Pyroblast to be an instant cast, does not stack.
    9. Combustion: Our Main DPS cooldown with a 45 cooldown and 10 second DoT, can be glyphed to have a 90 second cooldown nd 20 second DoT.

    Stat priorities:

    • Hit + Expertise to 15% (5100)*
    • Haste to 12.5% (3056) [+5% from raid buff] - This assumes Glyph of Combustion OR
    • Haste to 15% (4250) [+5% from raid buff] - This assumes NO Glyph of Combustion**
    • - This allows for an extra tick of living bomb, pyroblast and glyph of combustion.
    • Crit
    • Haste
    • Mastery

    *4420 for Draenei
    ** Minus 425 from haste value for goblin [2763 and 3825 respectively)

    Always using Molten Armor.


    • Red: 160 Int
    • Yellow: 80int 160Crit
    • Blue: 80 Int 160Hit

    Stat Weights*:
    Stat wights vary upon your gear: **WIP

    Suggested Glyphs:

    Glyph of Combustion: Tends to be more beneficial due to the nature of buff scaling at the start of the fight and in combination with timewarp/bloodlust.

    Glyph of Fire Blast: Allows you to spread your Mage Bomb effects along with other DoTs

    Suggested Talents: - Personal Opinions and "Truthiness"
    Unfortunately there are some just flat out bad choices for fire.

    Tier One:
    Presence of Mind should only ever be taken on fights with zero movement, similarly Icy Flows should only be taken on fights with movement only every minute. This, leave us with scorch as our only real option. Scorch also has excellent synergy with fire as it also applies ignite and can trigger heating up/Pyroblast!.

    Tier Two:
    Blazing speed is not terribly useful in most fights, due to the fact we already have access to fast movement from blink and glyph of invisibility. therefore, ice barrier and temporal shield both of which are excellent choices remain.

    I favour temporal shield in terms of allowing maximum DPS, as it is not on the global cooldown, therefore, can be macro'd in with another spell such as fireball. However, for pure mitigation of damage, I like ice barrier which is also why I favour it for progression.

    Tier Three:
    Pretty useless for raid encounters, however, ring of frost can be used to create a safety circle for healers to stand in and prevent adds from destroying them before tanks have a chance to pick them up. Frost jaw is also useful as a secondary ranged CC if poly-morph is on cool down

    Tier Four:
    All three are viable but i prefer cauterize as it allows for you to make a mistake, whist improved invisibility and cold snap rely on you actively preventing damage. Furthermore, Improved invisibility is also useful as an instant aggro dump if needed.

    Tier Five:
    I never use frost bomb, in terms of AoE and single target it is just on part with living bomb, however, the long cast time and haste modified cooldown makes it feel clunky. Nether tempest is just slightly behind living bomb in terms of single target damage and way behind in terms of AoE, however it has one distinct advantage, living bomb must run its full duration to be worthwhile instead of fireball, where as nether tempest only has to be allows to run for 6-8 seconds to be beneficial so on fights like Elegon where you have to nuke down adds in this period of time nether tempest is slightly better. Which leaves living bomb my go to choice for both AoE and single target damage.

    Tier Six:
    EDIT: Invocation is almost required for certain fights: Heroic Spirit Kings in particular. SO, though I really do not like the talent, you are forced into it.

    A personal choice, between rune of power and Inchater's ward. With invocation being viable in theory but not practice, there are just no fights that allow for you to stand there for 6 seconds every 40 seconds on cool down with no repercussions. Rune of power is technically the best IF you never allow it to fall off and you rarely leave to rune on the ground, however, at least in Mogushan Vaults the fights have persistent movement, which leaves inchaters ward. This spell passively grants 6% damage and has decent mitigation, and since almost every fight has very predictable damage if you use deadly boss mods and such, you can regularly proc the 30% spell damage buff.


    1: Use combustion when off cool-down and there is both a pyroblast and ignite on the target. Aim to use Combustion when these dots are as large as possible without sacrificing the maximum number of times combustion could be used within the encounter, for example; If there is a 5 minute fight and you are using the glyphed version of this spell. You can only afford to wait 10 seconds between cooldowns IN TOTAL to use this ability to its maximum potential

    2: Maintain your bomb spell:
    - Living bomb should be refreshed either x<= 2seconds before the DoT expires or immediately after
    - Nether Tempest should be refreshed as close to expiring as possible, put preferably before not after.
    - Frost Orb should be used as often as possible.

    3: Use Pyroblast! AKA instant Pyroblast.

    *Pyroblast! does not stack
    ** Pyroblast! is triggered after two successive crits on the boss from any combination of Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Scorch, Inferno Blast and Pyroblast.

    4: If you have the buff "Heating Up" cast Inferno Blast as your next spell is traveling towards the boss. Both Scorch and Fireball have a travel time so if you are fast and Inferno Blast is off cooldown you should regularly be able to use Pyroblast!.

    5: Cast fireball, or Utilize a tier one talent ability if on the move.

    Alter Time:

    Lastly alter time, the most ideal time to use this is during time warp, with Incanter's Ward's bonus damage and trinkets active with Pyroblast! useable, this doesn't exactly happen often. So I aim to save it for time warp with trinkets at the very least. BUT PLEASE NOTE buffs that occur in the 6 seconds after it is initially activated will be removed when triggered. This means you can cheat yourself out of timewarp and then gain the debuff... don't do that. also time warp does not reset cooldowns it merely acts to prolong buffs, and return you to the exact position and health you were when casting it.
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    Definately the best fire mage guide i've found so far. Answers all existing questions, especially the mage bomb choice.
    Thanks for a great guide, can't wait to see the arcane/ frost guides.

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    Working on them now I am so happy you enjoyed it . Arcane will probally be the next one as it's probally the next on the "DPS chart"

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    Tyvm for the guide its great

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    Thank you for this guide. It is the clearest one I have read since the expansion has been released.

    My mage has been driving me crazy especially with this Invocation business that all the other guides suggest. Exactly as you said, in theory it might be great but I could bring myself to spend six seconds NOT doing anything in a fight. So you try to ninja them between fights which is clunky and just not very much fun.

    Clarifying that there are other viable options for mages was very helpful for me. Thank you.

    Also, pointing out that alter time works for time warp which no other guide has mentioned and I didn't think of will no doubt be very helpful to me.

    Thanks again for sharing.

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    Don't forget the alliance racials for hit rating!
    If you're human and use a sword: 1% expertise bonus
    If you're gnome and use a sword or dagger: 1% expertise bonus

    On the haste rating topic, is it 3188 or 3056 as listing in your other post?

    Oh, and on T2 Talents, remember that Ice barrier also prevents casting pushback while applied, which imho, makes up for it's GCD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drzip View Post
    Oh, and on T2 Talents, remember that Ice barrier also prevents casting pushback while applied, which imho, makes up for it's GCD.
    The burning soul passive prevents 70% of pushback, so usually this wouldn't effect it all that much.

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    Updated haste platues, thanks for pointing that out.

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    2: Maintain your bomb spell:
    - Living bomb should be refreshed either x<= 2seconds before the DoT expires or immediately after
    Shouldn't you let it fall off to get the explosion damage and apply after the explosion to get the most out of it? I was always under the impression that was more damage then just refreshing it.
    Also could you describe the addons you use or show a curse addon package with tags to all your addons?
    I just used an UI like that before I went to ElvUI, but atm I feel like going back to my "own" UI again.
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    Re: Living bomb: The explosion will occur if living bomb is refreshed with less than two seconds on the DoT duration.

    Re: addons: I will make an addon video and upload my frost/arcane guides as soon as uni exams are finished. They are done, i jsut can't set aside the 30 hour blocks that I need to upload a ~5minute video (YAY aussie ADSL)

    EDIT: I like that curse idea and will update a curse profile soonish

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    Need to try that in tonights raid then Cheers for the explanation and the curse profile update

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    Updated some things that i have learnt. GL scorching your enimies to nothing but ash.


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