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Thread: PST - Episode 98

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deandia View Post
    I know that nothing on my end has changed but since you re-vamped the website Lore, I am unable to read the questions below your videos. Can ya make the font size a bit bigger say 12pt. thanks
    This week:
    0:48 - Are the long queue times on high-pop servers going to affect progression?
    7:50 - Aren't there still "right" and "wrong" choices in the new talent system?
    15:36 - If you could raid with a world first guild, would you?
    20:20 - Do MoP dailies require too much grinding, especially where alts are concerned?
    27:54 - How do I deal with a raider who is talented, but doesn't mesh well with the group?
    32:54 - Are MoP heroics too easy?
    40:18 - How do the random elements of some boss fights affect Challenge Mode times?
    46:27 - How many raid bosses would be ideal per tier?
    53:46 - Is the WoW community cycling towards younger players?
    1:00:26 - Should Spirits of Harmony be made BoE?

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    Definitely time to
    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    slip more dick in.[/SIZE]
    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Just finished watching the Legendary segment on daily quest grinds. While Josh's reaction to this is far from unusual, I do feel like it's largely self-inflicted. We're talking about items which will make normal-mode Vaults progression slightly easier, most of which won't even be obtainable until a guild like Months Behind is done progressing through normal. Is it really worth asking people--even yourself--to put in one or two hours per day doing dailies they don't want to do, just in order to speed up the easiest part of T14 progression by a little bit?

    I'll put on the disclaimer I haven't been in Vaults yet, and it sounds like it's tuned harder than I initially expected. If it's really tuned on the edge such that it seriously helps a lot to have, say, the Golden Lotus and Klaxxi revered items, then that would kind of suck.

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