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Thread: Monk: Brewmasters That Peculiar animal

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    I built my brewmaster base on AGI - EXP - HIT - also when I reach my hit cap, instead to place EXP/HIT gem I did EXP/STAM gem to increase my health, My haste is already very high since I am using a 2hand weapon and my CRIT is already very good and with the raid buff I am reaching over 30%, on my pants I put the STAM patch and also on my bracer since I am LW I can do 700 STAM on bracer for like 2 gold and same for the pants Patch the 430 STAM for like 2 gold, I also put the STAM glyph on the shoulder and chest STAM enchant boots and glove are EXP and HIT for my weapon enchant since Dancing steel is way out of price on my server I use windsong which is more that 10 time cheaper on my server, still do a good job but I will prefer Dancing steel since it can boost my agility a lot.

    As for my weapon choices I wanted to DW so bad but I found easier to reach hit cap on normal and special ability, and I boost my haste by using a 2 handed, I have about 50% HASTE right now, for my reforge I did use the mastery to reforge to EXP and since I have a lots of haste I did reforge HASTE to EXP on 1 or 2 pieces.

    The tanking goes very smooth actually, I use my OX statue to group the mob since they all go to attack my statue if well place in their range and I just Kegsmash the mobs than Purifying brew, than elusive brew if enough stack or guard then ZEN Sphere and of course other ability as needed, in heroic it goes so smooth you don't even have to use some ability at all! I use also XUEN the white tiger which gives you a little break since it taunts the target and force it to attack him instead of you and it deals a significant amount of damage as well.

    I found the Statue very usefull since it mini bubbles party/raid members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wushupanda View Post
    No I am not missing anything. You are doing a comparison with one monk at +2550 exp, and the other monk with nothing. Of course the guy with the extra 2550 exp is going to win.

    However, if you compare 2550 haste to 2550 exp and you see what I am talking about.

    +2550 Haste
    6% haste = More melee crits = More elusive Brew & More healing orbs
    1.75 more Jabs per minute = 1.75 more chi

    +2550 Exp
    More healing orbs
    More dmg
    1 additional Keg smash that lands every 111 seconds = +0.55 Chi per minute

    So, you actually gain over 1 chi with the haste over exp, not lose it! You also gain elusive brew procs!
    Meanwhile the exp only yields about another half a healing orb per minute....

    That is a proper comparison!

    Your calculations didn't consider the chance to be parried without the extra exp on the haste numbers, therefor your numbers are not valid. Even with a small % chance to be parried you can still go on strings where you get parried 4-5 times in a row, it's happened to me on several occasions and has effectively wiped the raid due to lack of shuffle uptime because of no chi. Going full exp cap isn't just about damage or chi gen, it's a safety net that lets you control you chi gen completely thus removing back luck from the equation. Go read that post about RNG in raids, it's up to the person to eliminate RNG, don't put yourself in a position that allows RNG to exist, and that's exactly what exp capping does.

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    A parried jab costs 8 energy I think. Not that much really, the haste still wins hands down.

    This thread is really old, and its not even debated anymore. The calculations done that showed exp to be better than haste have been proven to be faulty a long time ago.

    4-5 misses in a row are extremely unlikely. Shuffle doesn't have 100% uptime, so the fact it drops doesn't mean you wipe.

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