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Thread: Druid Glyphing Questions

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    Druid Glyphing Questions

    I see alot of different combo's of glyphs on multiple Guardian Druids and I was just wonder what are the 3 best glyphs I could get on my Big Bear.
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    And if I'm asking that question, which is the best spec then as well, like that question I have seen different combos.

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    There isn't a "BEST" talent/glyph setup anymore, and the only Glyph you'll really want all the time is Maul, with the other 2 slots depending on group setup, playing style and basicly just personal preference.

    The same is true for talents, you can pick either Feline swiftness or Wild Charge in the first Tier, Forcfe of Nature probably isn't the best talent on Tier 4. The last Tier I tend to pickDream of Cenarius because I prefer Nature's Swiftness (NS - Healing touch - extra Mangle damage is a nice combo every minute)

    So here is the spec I'm personally going for: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#dydX|zRx
    ut honestly, you're better off picking one yourself and then ask (yourself or us) if that is the best option for your playstyle.
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    I also have the maul glyph, but maul is a button I almost never press while tanking. I like the might of ursoc glyph: for a CD that lasts minutes, I want more than a 30% health gain. (I get 30% from renewal.)

    On the talents, check out incarnation: it's quite a powerful CD (it's rather like the holy avenger talent for paladins), giving you a burst period with lots of rage to use on defensive abilities. And it makes you into an armored bear.

    Something felt missing on my bear until I picked up wild charge. I guess I could have charged with skull bash, but I'd prefer to reserve that for an interrupt and being able to charge twice is good.

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    The best setup really varies per fight and your play style. It probably seems weird that there's no "cookie cutter" spec anymore but there really isn't. looking at a standard set-up just to have something ready id probably go (in order of Spec tiers) feline swiftness-Constant movement speed increase to get boss where it needs to be as fast as you can, Renewal-good oh s**t button when your healers are bad or you f**ked something up haha, Typhoon-this tier is probably one of the less important tiers i take typhoon because the roots break as soon as they take dmg and having a slow on raids is like meh. Incarnation-this is really probably gonna be best for a LOT of fights the other options in this tier aren't as attractive. Mighty Bash-Stuns are always good. Especially looking back at Rag i use to have to pop into bear form as a healer to stun closest add stuns can be very important for certain fights. Heart of the Wild-this one shouldn't really need an explanation the other options are kind of null. i could see nature's vigil for aoe heavy fights it might help keep your raid alive.
    As you can see a lot of this stuff can vary for different encounters its really what you feel comfortable doing. now for Glyphs theres a few you will really want for sure.....Glyph of Fae Silence for interrupts, Glyph of Maul, Glyph of Rebirth...those are the 3 that i would take as tank for main glyphs and for minor id take Glyph of falling grace for anything that would cause falling damage. why not right? and glyph of stag because its awesome.
    Im mainly a healer but ive done every spec at some point or another in raiding situations (worst as cat)
    if you agree with what i wrote and ever need anything else answered feel free to PM me : D

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    There's actually a really nice guide on here where they break down the glyphs and why.


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