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Thread: Left Wow just before ICC opened up. Back to try it, and I'm kinda lost

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    Left Wow just before ICC opened up. Back to try it, and I'm kinda lost

    Hi everyone,
    I am currently reading the other posts about coming back, and they are helping, but everything seems very new to me. Talents, skills, etc have all changed, and I'm looking for guides on that as well. I plan on spending a good amount of time reading forums today, but any help would be welcomed. If you have any links to sites, forums, etc I would appreciate it. Any advice about gear, add-ons, etc would be welcomed as well. Basically I would like to start tanking again, and PVP with either prot (if that is viable yet) or my other spec (always been fury, not sure if Arms is still the best PVP spec now)


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    This is the new warrior Prot Tanking Guide from this site, if that helps:


    And yeah, things have changed a lot since ICC.
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