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Thread: Midnight Release Launch Stream/Countdown!

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    Midnight Release Launch Stream/Countdown!

    Hello community!

    id like to take this time to invite you to watch my stream of the midnight launch of MoP, Me and my friend Gomma will be duo streaming (2 Webcams) on one stream and will be leveling a holy paladin (Me) and him a Prot Paladin!

    The stream is in 720p and we will both be interacting with viewers threw out the night!

    I understand most of you will be to busy playing to watch a stream, but for those of you that are hesitant on the expansion and are not getting it right away due to various reasons come check it out!!!

    You can follow the stream over at www.twitch.tv/defectgaming

    There is a countdown on there right now if u want to keep that up or keep checking on it!

    We hope to see you there!

    Server: US - Zul'jin

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