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Thread: Theramore's Fall (The Real Story)

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    Theramore's Fall (The Real Story)

    My thoughts on the scenario are summed up pretty well in this machinima I made, so I thought I'd post it here.

    Thanks for watching!

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    At least the scenario makes sense form a horde PoV.....

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    Doesn't make any sense at all for horde. "We're about to drop a bomb on this city, go inside and kill everyone first."
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    Yeah, the scenario really doesn't go and explain the events that the book does. It kinda leaves a very stale bit in your mouth.

    Worse is that the way the Horde ends, the Alliance quest begins then and to get the 'gist' of it, you'd have to do both scenarios on both sides. It's kinda ridiculous.

    Even worse off is that they pretty much take a small piece of the book and make 'that' the scenario, without any backstory whatsoever.

    Not the best storytelling Blizzard has done by a long shot in their video game..

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