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Thread: Bucket List Success? Plans When Mists Drops

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    Bucket List Success? Plans When Mists Drops

    So, this is it, the final weekend before Mists drops. Just out of curiosity how may achieved their Cata "bucket list" and what are you your plans for launch day, what toons are you taking to 90 first, etc.

    I almost finished my bucket list - came up short maxing professions on horde side, but did get all the toons to 85 that I wanted to.

    I'm working Tuesday so won't get to play until I get home in the evening, but batting order to level is Alliance Pally, DK, Hunter, Warrior, then maybe Rogue then who knows. The Horde DK has to level in tandum with the Alliance pally; maybe alternate them one level each since those will be my raid toons.

    I'm sort of torn, I really like my warrior these days, she may move up in the order. From a toon I bearly played in FL, she made it to 6/8 heroic DS in alt/pug runs and has turned into one of my favorites. Go figure.

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    I'm still trying to get the mount from Strat other than that nothing. Also working Tuesday but am taking the first week of October off to play. Considering the masses of people expected I may just forgo any Panda conetent the first week and finish leveling my Scribe to 85. Perhaps do some exploring past what I touched on in beta.

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