Who We Are:
Late Night Elites is a 25-man casual progression guild. It was formed during vanilla from a core group of people from different guilds and backgrounds who wanted not only to progress through endgame content, but to assist the community as well. Because Late Night Elites is on an older Roleplay server, much of the population takes a much more relaxed stance on endgame, and this is reflected in the culture of Late Night Elites.
We chose to continue to run as a 25-man raiding guild because this gives us the opportunity to continue to give back to the community and to bring as many people as possible to view content. In Cataclysm, we completed both 10 and 25man H-DS. We are the only 25-man guild on Kirin Tor at this time. Late Night Elites is a late night raiding guild. We raid 12am-3:30am CST Monday through Wednesday.

What We Need:
We are looking to add some fresh blood to our ranks and are specifically looking for tanks, healers, and ranged DPS. Although Late Night Elites is not cutting edge progression, we do finish content and do complete content, and we do so at a relaxed pace that allows all of our members to learn the content regardless of background. We are looking for players that understand the limits placed on us both by our server, time slot, and by continuing to raid with a 25-man group.

Are you right for us:
We want you to be reliable, hungry to complete content (but not blinded by it), and excited to be a part of the amazing culture and community of Late Night Elites and Kirin Tor.
If you are interested in applying visit latenightelites.com or contact Ignition or Kuroken in game.

Thank you for your time and interest, and hope to see you in game. Here's to Pandas!