Might and Honor is an Alliance guild located on the Dawnbringer server, that went live in November of 2008. Might and Honor has been active since January 2009, with the intentions of steadily growing and learning, as a whole. We are a casual, fun loving, adult guild, that challenges itself with dungeons, battlegrounds and weekly raids, but doesn't stress if we wipe. We believe in Guild first, but help each other to accomplish their personal progression, achievements and goals. This is a stress/drama free Guild, where everyone is treated as friend and family. Please visit our guild site and take a moment to look at "Guild policies" and structure.

We will soon be leveling up, running through MoP dungeons and scenarios, and beginning the MoP raids. We are not a "hardcore raiding" Guild and aren't completely driven on progression. However, we do raid, 10-man only, while trying to expand to a second team! Raid nights are Saturdays, 8-11PM realm time (main raid team), with other activities scheduled throughout the week! A second raid team might be on Thursday, Friday or Sunday, at the same times. We will need all roles filled for the second raid team.

If you are looking to really break into raids, just want to leave the pressures of a hardercored (sp? lol) raid team, or are just looking for a guild to call home, visit our website and apply! http://mightandhonor.guildlaunch.com

In game, look for Cappucino or Jaikadi.

Happy Hunting